Hill Family History

The very first record of the family name HILL was found in Worcestershire, England, prior to 1100.
Early recorded Hills were Gilbert del Hil (Pipe Rolls in Norfolk, 1191), Rogerus filius Hille (Curia Rolls for
Devonshire, 1221), and a Simon Hille (Hundred Rolls for Worcestershire, 1273). Their ancestral roots are
traced back to Norman origin (probalby Danish as most Norman French were Vikings from Denmark; some
were Norweigen) where the name was probably Hildebrand - from a Germanic personal name composed of
the elements hild (strife, battle) and brand (fire sword), a common name in Norman France. Alternately,
the name could have come from the Old English "hyll" (hill) or as an abbreviation of Hillary. The ancient
family motto was Avancez, (French, meaning "Advance").

Our branch of the Hill family departed England in 1634, or shortly after, with the many Catholics that
were escaping the then current religious persecutions and settled in St. Mary's County, Maryland, a
chartered colony founded by the Lords Baltimore. Themselves Catholic, they made their colony a haven for
other Catholics although, under the colony's charter, all faiths were welcomed and religious freedom was

The earliest recorded land owning Hill in St. Mary's was Clement Hill, who married Elizabeth Hatton in
1674. Assuming he was around 25 at his wedding, his birth year was c.1650, making him possibly the
Hill, or the son of the Hill that emigrated from England. According to his will of 1702, he owned
DelaBrooke Manor (1687; 750 acres), Waterford (1707; 800 acres), Hill's Camp (1708; 1,000 acres in
what is now Baltimore County), Friends Hope (1708; 1,400 acres on the south side of the eastern branch
of the Potomac River in what is now Prince George's County), and the Hazard (1710; 257 acres). If (and
if so, how) our branch is related
to him it is unknown.