The Hill Families of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, North/South Carolina, Maryland and on to London, England.


Edwin P. Hill (1897-?):   In March of 1968 we first became acquainted by letter when he sent me a form to fill out and return to him.  He was collecting Hill surname information for his records.  While visiting him in the summer of 1968 or 69, he told me he had records on 60 Milton Hill (me) men so far.  We exchanged information for a few years and then he stopped replying, also my letters began to be returned unopened.   He lived in Indianapolis, Indiana and somewhere I learned his files went to a local library.

Donald D. Hill (1915-1990):   In March of 1969, Don wrote a letter to my dad introducing himself and telling us where on the Dr. Matthew Hill chart he was located.  We began exchanging information on our families.  A Hill family reunion was held on October 14, 1973 in Neosho, MO.  My father and I attended that reunion and obtained most of the family information found at the lower right hand side of the up-dated Dr. Matthew's chart.  It was at this same reunion I was introduced to Doyle and Mercedes Hill, father and mother of Michelle Hill-Jack.  They put me in touch with their daughter and we became long time friends and Hill genealogy researchers.  At that time Michelle was attending Brigham Young University and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She had easy access to the genealogy records at Salt Lake City, Utah.  In the summer of 1974 or 75 my wife and I visited with Don and his wife at their daughters home in Los Angeles, California.  Thanks to Don for all his help.

Lycurgus Perry Hill, Jr. (1931-1993):   I first became acquainted by way of a telephone call from L.P. and long conversation in 1988.  He heard of the Dr. Matthew Hill chart but had never seen a copy.  In the summer of 1989 my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting with L.P. and his wife Anne Hughes Hill.  I gave him a photo copy of Dr. Matt's chart, front and back.  He in turn gave me a copy of his first manuscript, "Henry Hill (c. 1695-1773) of Frederick, Maryland."  Many many thanks to L.P. and Anne Hill for their research on our Hill family and for preparing these additional manuscripts:  "Robert & Joseph, Two sons of "Old" Henry Hill," and "John Hill (1735-1803) Son of "Old" Henry Hill," and ""Old" Henry Hill (c. 1695-1773) of Frederick, Maryland & two Great-grandsons Thomas (1784-1846) & Benjamin S. Hill (1782-1855)."

Michelle Hill-Jack:   In late October 1973 Michelle and I were introduced and we started a long friendship of family genealogy information exchange by snail mail.   She finished school, moved around and got married.  I lost track of Michelle for about 17 years and one day while reading some e-mail from Anita Hill Courtney I see her name in the Cc list with "Jack" added to her name.   In April 2001 we renewed our friendship and correspondence.  We are cousins on the same generation line of Dr. Matthew's chart.  Four generations back we have common grandparents, Henry Hill and Ruth Adams.   Thanks to Michelle for all of your help.

Patricia Ann Hill Martina:   In February 2001 Patricia found on a website some Hill family names that fit into her ancestors.  Her great grandfather and my great grandfather are brothers.  We have the same common grandparents as Michelle and I do.  Pat e-mailed me and we have been exchanging information ever since.  In April 2001 Patricia introduced me to Anita Hill Courtney, who is also a cousin.  In May 2001 my wife and I went to Decatur, Illinois to visit with Patricia and her husband.  We had a very productive exchange of information.  Thank you Patricia for all your help.

Anita Hill Courtney:   On May 10, 2001 Anita and I started e-mail correspondence, website information exchange and have become very good friends.  We are cousins 8 generations back and then 8 generations forward.  That puts us on the same generation level.  While on vacation in early February 2002 my wife and I drove to north-east Kentucky to visit Anita and her husband Kevin.  We had a wonderful and enjoyable visit as well as to see her Salem Church near where she lives.  Thank you Anita for all your continuing help.

Byron Hill:   We are not related so far as we know now.  Byron's website provided me with the information I needed to complete my goal of 35 years ago.   It had my ancestors from the top of Dr. Matthew Hill's chart all the way back to my immigrant ancestor.  I only wish my father was alive to see it because that was what he wanted to know. (See Dr. Matt's chart) Thanks to Byron for all his work.