The Hill Families of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, North/South Carolina, Maryland and on to London, England.


This page is Dedicated to Dr. Matthew M. Hill

From time to time as we go along the path of our life we encounter events and people that have a profound influence on our lives.  Dr. Matt passed away the same year I was born.  However he left behind a chart of the Hill family that became a very challenging part of my life.  At first the chart required updating, which I did.  Then I felt it was imperative that it be extended back in time to show our immigrant ancestor.  It is to that end this web site has been prepared in memory of Dr. Matthew M. Hill.  The following is a brief story of his very interesting life.

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Matthew M. Hill was born December 28, 1870 near Neosho, Missouri to Basil Hill and Julia A. Patton Hill.  His childhood was spent growing up in the hills near Neosho.   The family moved to Taylorville, Illinois where Matthew attended grade school and graduated from high school.   He then went on to graduate from Chicago University with a high ranking in his class.  After that he attended Rush Medical School graduating with honors among the first five in his class.

On November 10, 1904 Dr. Matthew M. Hill married Pearl A. Wallace, born April 27, 1876.   Dr. Matthew Hill entered into the practice of medicine in Taylorville, Illinois where he remained until the Fall of 1910, then moving to Winfield, Kansas.  It was here in Winfield his parents had investments.

He entered actively into the life of the community and formed many acquaintances.  He engaged in business enterprises and sidelines, especially the oil business.  Pictured below is a photo of an oil well owned by Dr. Matthew Hill.  The writing on the photo is Dr. Matt's hand.

Another one of Dr. Matt's interest was recording the Hill family history onto a genealogy chart.   In 1912 and 1913 he produced some 12 charts all by hand and passed them out to the family.  Most of the early history of the Hill family was obtained from Joseph Hill by Basil Hill while visiting him about 1896 at Franklin, Kentucky.

Dr. Matthew again entered into the practice of medicine and soon gained a following.  He was recognized for knowledge and ability and in a few years was elected president of the Cowley County Medical Society.  Below is a photo of Dr. Matthew's office in Winfield, Kansas, 116 1/2 East 9th Street on the Second Floor.

Aside from his practice he was a naturalist of more than usual ability.  He was recognized as a geologist of standing.   In his research work on his own property he uncovered the fossil remains of an animal long extinct.  Dr. Hill's name was attached to the fossil, "Winfieldii Hillii".

Concerning the fossil Dr. Hill said in his diary:

"I presume the most remarkable thing I ever have done was the finding of a new fossil here in Winfield.  It is a reptile found in the bed of the Walnut River in the Fort Riley limestone is six feet long.  It settled a disputed geological question.  It reposes in a favorite spot in the Walker museum at the University of Chicago.   I have always been an outdoor man and love the study of life in all its forms.  I have had a happy life even if I go this very day."

Interested in wild life also, Dr. Hill was commissioned by the National Audubon society to make a count of the birds which frequent this section.  His count was so high that at first he feared he must be wrong but his work was carefully checked and Winfield was that year second to a New Jersey locality which had a larger number of varieties of birds nesting there that year.   His avocation took him into the study of botany and trees.   His collections from nature were large and his interests extensive.   His love of the great out-of-door led to the development of Wildcat glen, which he loved for its variety of nature studies.   He intended to make this a park for the public but was compelled to abandon that ambition.

His parents preceded him in death Basil in 1922 and Julia in 1917 are buried in the family lot at Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville, Illinois.   In June of 1932 Dr. Matt Hill suffered a severe paralytic stroke.   For a time his life was despaired of but he rallied.   One side of his body was left almost completely paralyzed.   During the next two years he lived at his home west of the Walnut River, cared for night and day by his devoted wife.   Below is a photo of his home on West 14th R.F.D. in Winfield, Kansas.

At 12:00 o'clock noon, July 6, 1934, Dr. Matthew M. Hill died.   The end came peacefully following a morning of usual treatment during which time he was in a happy frame of mind and expressed his gratitude for the many kindnesses that were extended to him by his loved ones.   Funeral services were handled by Durrin and Swisher mortuary after which his body was taken to Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville, Illinois for burial.

Will dated March 14 1929

Most of this information was taken from THE WINFIELD DAILY COURIER.

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