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For more Hill websites, try the Hill Family WebSite Registry. It is a comprehensive, categorized list of over 150 websites all pertaining to the surname Hill.

When I first began my genealogical research into my HILL Family, I noticed right away that I had my work cut out for me.  HILL is an extremely common name!
Fortunately, I had quite a bit of help from some really great people.  After I built my own HILL genealogy website, I began looking for webrings to unite my site with others like it and was surprised and disappointed to find no HILL surname webring.
Therefore, in an effort to help other HILL researchers as some have helped me, I created this webring to bring together everyone searching for their HILL ancestors.

Webrings are a great way of linking sites with similar subjects and content.  Webrings then enable visitors to "surf" through all of these similar sites with a simple click of the mouse.  Joining a "surname specific webring" can bring your site many more hits from people searching for the same surname you're researching, in this case, the name HILL.  This can lead to many connections you've been looking for, clues to your "brick walls," and the discovery of new "cousins." The "Hill Family Trees" WebRing can become a great Internet source for HILL researchers to find their roots.  If you have your own Hill genealogy site, please join this ring and help me make this ring one the largest surname specific rings on the Internet?

The rules for acceptance into this webring are few and simple:

  • You must have a genealogy, history, personal or family website providing information about the surname HILL.

  • HILL must be one the main surnames on your site (one of your top 10 or so).  If you have a "page" devoted to the surname Hill, this would be the perfect spot for the ring to be placed.

  • It goes without saying that your site must be suitable for EVERYONE.

  • You must submit the address of the actual page the webring code will go on.  This makes surfing much easier for our guests.

That's it!  I have high hopes for this webring, as I have seen MANY great HILL family websites out there, and I hope all will consider joining.  Use the link below to submit your request to join.

Join Here!

When you submit your site to join the ring, you will receive an e-mail with the proper html code to add to your site.  If you are not HTML Savvy, Please don't hesitate to E-Mail me and I will help you all I can.  If you have AOL, the code in your e-mail message WILL NOT WORK, and you will have to grab the code from the ringsurf site and copy and paste it to your website (if this applies to you and you don't understand, drop me a line and I will talk you through it, it's very easy).  Please do not link to my images, right-click on them and save them to your own hard-drive, then upload them to your server. Thanks for joining!

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