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If one could only learn to appreciate the little things...A song
that takes you away, for there are those who cannot hear.
The beauty of a sunset, for there are those who cannot see.
The warmth and safety of your home, for there are those who
are homeless. Time spent with good friends for there are those
who are lonely. A walk along the beach for there are those who
cannot walk. The little things are what life is all about. Search
your soul and learn to appreciate. ~Shadi Souferian

Gardening - a love for growing Flowers, Herbs & Veggies, and hand-crafting.






  Wind chimes bring peace and positive energy to garden & home. They are hung in many places where they will catch the wind. Mobiles crafted from driftwood and castaways dance in the wind to lively tunes. An old Sewer main became a terra cotta birdbath...and a chimney flue became a flowerpot for herbs.

 Nature walks provide beautiful things of interest for home & garden.  I have a small collection of walking sticks (like the Goose- head walking stick shown here (right). It was made from an old cedar tree root found while walking up through the Big Wood on the hill above the house. Some were found on past trips across the Southwestern deserts of America and driftwood collected along lake shores. Cedar "driftwood" & pieces of old weathered wood are among the favorite pieces.  There is e box of rocks specimens & fossils collected for years and baskets of pine cones in many sizes and shapes. Dried flowers and herbs dangle on jute cord, where they have air-dried until needed.  Dried Gourds wait to be made into birdhouses and Art pieces.


"What is a weed?  A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

My cat knows
the meaning of life,
But has
no interest
in sharing the secret.

.... Ashlight Brilliant

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A large screened tray holds some very interesting rock specimens, fossils, old glass bottles, bones, & interesting pieces of weathered wood, along with cacti & succulents.


Herbs, Flowers, Wildflowers, Vegetables

The Swedes have a special word - "trädgårdsland", which is a 'garden plot' or  a 'patch of garden' - it is the very nicest part in your garden where you grow carrots, potatoes, flowers, herbs, & etc..

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Irises (<- click on thumbnail to view larger image)
Cannas   (<- click on thumbnails to view larger image)

Large and Small Birdhouse gourds
 long-handle Dipper gourds
Loofa Gourds & smaller Ornamental varieties

 Succulents & Cacti, both the arid Desert varieties & shade-loving Tropicals.

 The creation of a thousand forests is in
one acorn.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



 Annie's Fishpond & Butterfly Koi


When Someone Special I Love dies. .  .
I just don't understand the way of things in life. There is no logic, no rhyme or reason, nor any explanation that will ease my grieving heart over losing the ones I love. 

Charles - My Blue-eyed Angel (1981-1995)
Though his life was beset with tragedy, yet he did always smile and laugh and love and forgive.
We love you Charlie. We're proud of you Lednen. I miss your wormy little smile, your sweaty hands and stinky feet and endless pestering. I miss your silly hats and contagious laughter and your positive, never give up, try-try-again attitude. I miss your big heart and tenderness, and how you always seemed to be thinking of others and how you could make others happy. I miss how you gave respect where it was due and yet could always see the good in others. I miss your 'No Fears-No Tears' attitude about life and your absolute 'Love Everyone' philosophy. I miss you so much son.


Mr. Magoo, or "Hammy" as he was often called, was more than a dog to me. My pal Hammy was always at my side and was a big part of my family life for 17 years. He assisted in the 'rearing' of my  children & then started on the grandchildren, and loving every minute of it! He was protective of all his family at all times. He was small in stature but big in personality. He was gregarious and a happy little tail-wagging hound dog. No one could resist him. Wherever we took him, everyone liked the cute little Hoggie Doggie. He loved Kitty cats and loved to groom them. He protected his family at all cost. As a member of my family, he still holds his dear little place in our hearts. We miss you Maggew.

AKA:  Maggew, Hammy, McGruder, Magooby, Hog-Dog, THE PIG, Piggy, Piggy-Louise, Ham Dog, the Hamster, Oinkelitta, Oinkie, Hoggie Doggie, THE HOG, Hoggit, Hoggus,
 Ham Damn, Pooter, Pootoi, Pigalitto, &  a few others, and he went by them al!.

To read more about him, go to:  Mr. Magoo's Memorial page


My Best Buddy, Mike (1999-2005)


Mike was a trusted friend, protector and loving companion for 5 years. He went just about everywhere with me. He never left the property. He never fought with other dogs. He protected me on a number of occasions from being bit by poisonous snakes. He guarded and watched over the chickens and rabbit, but was never aggressive towards another dog or human. He was especially fond of each batch of new chicks, feeling duty bound to protect them. He slept at my bedside every night. He loved going for rides in the truck and accompanied my in all things, including going to the feed store. On June 18th, 2005, my best buddy, my beautiful, loyal, sweet Mikie was suddenly taken ill and after a valiant fight to live for more than 12  hours, he inexplicably passed away at 6:30 A.M. June 19th. I feel so alone without him at my side.

  Snow Comes to Turkey Ridge ~ Winter Scenes of my Home place (1997)

  Glimpses of Autumn(2005)

 Woodland Friends -The wildflower garden :
 seasons, birds, bees & butterflies - 1999-2000

  Growing Birdhouse Gourds in 2002

 Chickens - to be added

To be added  Oklahoma Wildflower Garden

The Gird Grape - coming!

 Seagulls in Oklahoma? - 2003 - Sorry! Temporarily out of commission

Annie's Bearded Irises - 2005 - working on it!

  Wild Turkeys come to Turkey Ridge  - September 2004 - in plans

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