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 of My Family  Tree

My Family Tree stems from the Roots of Two Main Branches.
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  DRIGGS  ~ my Paternal Ancestral families

HINDORFF  ~ my Maternal Ancestral families

You may note that there are quite a number of ancient ancestral families that I hold in common from both lines of my pedigree.

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Comments by the Author:

FAMILY HISTORY has been one of my life-long interests. I began researching in 1976 to find the origins of all my Ancestral Families. Primarily, I have Two Main BRANCHES in my FAMILY TREE: 
DRIGGS from my Father & HINDORFF from my Mother.

 More recently, in 1999, I concentrated my research in Sweden and the translation of an old family Swedish HINDORFF family "Dokument" document. The new information I discovered from the translations gave me NEW clues and led to the discovery of Family records & other information about our Hindorff Family's native homeland. MASSIVE accounts and records about VAUGHN & BRADSHAW families, with stories & old Photos. 

 NEW HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS and FAMILY RECORDS regarding the LAMB, LEWIS, GIRD, KINSLEY & many related families are being discovered in old Civil or Church Records & other old Documents, as well as Cemeteries, Court Records, old Bibles and Letters written centuries ago. Historical Records, Biographies and Church records have shed much new light on the origins of our family, and helped me link other families with those same surnames, to my family. To my surprise and delight, there have even been found many records in the Library of Congress. One of the greatest things to happen since I began to post all this information in these many web pages has been the contact with distant cousins, who write to thank me or to share with me, or who write to correct me when my information is not correct. They share their stories, old letters, documents and even photos of their ancestors. They represent families, not only throughout the U. S. A., but in also in England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, whose records have brought to light New Information from their Old Family Stories and records.

RECORDS of  DRIGGS, NIMROD, GOULD, HAYES, BAILEY and other related families stories & data is growing, as well, with stories from my father and many old photos, letters, & documents, as well as family histories from newly found cousins and a wealth of information from their family records.

Many people have contributed to the Driggs - Hindorff Family research, and therefore it should be seen as a result of the years of dedicated work being carried on as a family endeavor.
Records will be continually updated as new information becomes available and should not be seen as a finished account of our History. Please check back from time to time for any new updates. My Thanks to the "family" members who have contributed their efforts at all levels to this work, AND the many wonderful people I have met through the Internet who have contributed so much of their time & resources in my behalf, as well.


NOTE: The information I have posted on my web site pages comes from years of research & are a compilation of that research, either by me or other individuals. My family history, graphics and original heraldic artwork are all copyrighted. Whereas public records are not protected by copyright law, original works are. PLEASE respect that and abide by my copyrights or I will pull all my information off these pages! I am tired of having my years of hard work stolen by people too lazy to do their own research, and/or who thanklessly take the information I offer freely to all, and then post it on their web sites and/or share with others, my work as their original work, with not so much as a thank you and without giving credit where credit is due.  I will not tolerate it!!!
- Annie Driggs, January 2004.

These pages may not all be new pages. Some may have faulty LINKS or missing graphics, incorrect dates, etc. If there are "grievous errors", please to let me know. And people, please don't contact me, asking for info not shown on the page. If it isn't there, I probably don't have it! Don't bother me with spelling errors on these pages. I tried to update and make spelling corrections on them a few days ago, and my spell checker went nuts with the Swedish, Irish & Welsh words, and is still lingering in a dark & confused state,  nigh onto death.  Thanks!  ~Annie


Keep checking back...New information added every few days

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created: 15 March, 2002

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For Complete Family Group Records with Pedigree Charts, go to my Off-site pages at...

Annie's Webs
    Searchable Surname Index  
 posted at WorldConnect with RootsWeb. com

 GEDCOM files of My Ancestry & other Relatives

and much more. . .

NOW Contains Over 21,000 individual records !

Please be aware that not all of the people listed in my family records "Annie's Webs" are my
  direct lines - I list lines of known cousins & those of their spouses

...and even the known lines of shirt-tail cousins.

  STOP THIEF!! Although my GEDCOM files have been available to download from my web site, I do expect to be given credit as the SOURCE of those records, not only in personal records, but especially if it is to be posted or published on a web site or in printed material, or is shared with others via e-mail or other means of correspondence. And, although PUBLIC records are NOT copyrightable, my original works are copyrighted. These include, photos, original graphics, music, stories, copyrighted books, all original writings and material. Also biographies, histories, compilations of records, theories, research, and the express views of an author. I recently discovered that some "Cousins" having downloaded my GEDCOM files, then posted my records mingled with theirs on their web sites as their original works, and/or at least made no mention of me nor my web site whatsoever as their source.  Furthermore, these same records now have appeared on still other  web sites, and credit given to the cousins who "pirated" my work!!!
I have not uploaded anything new to my
ANNIE'S WEBS in over a year now, and that is precisely  the reason why!!!!

I am therefore, curtailing the DOWNLOADABLE option, and seriously considering yanking all my Annie's Webs files posted at WorldConnect!
Either give Credit where Credit is Due or I will stop posting my new information and stop helping anyone find their families!

Stories, Biographies & Legends

Here are a few of my Family Stories with photos & documents to learn more about some of my ancestors. Each name below has LINKS to the other related families. More may be added, if I can get to them & determine whether to post them or not.

    Swedish-American Hindorff Family

Includes: Lamb, Vaughn, Gird, Bradshaw, Stephenson, Bates, Fillmore, Lewis, Grant, Calkins, Smith, Kinsley, Duncan, Littlefield, and many other related families

There are many pages still in the process of being finished...will I ever get to it all?
And to think....I used to wonder  what in the world I would even put on here that anyone would want to read!

~ of Prussian, Swedish, English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish Origins ~

All of these families can be found in my
Searchable Surname Index File

Annie's Webs


    HINDORFF Family
Origins & Family Stories

 - My Maternal Grandfather's Family  (circa 1500-2003)

Migration: Prussia (18th Century Germany) > Sweden-> U.S.A. > Iowa > Illinois >Iowa > California
The Descendants of Johan Fredrik Hindorff and others of this unique surname, are the remnant of an ancient family who's origins may be traced to the Black Forest area of Germany, went to Sweden and married a Swedish girl, Catharina Larsdotter (Kumlin), daughter of Lars Larsson & Cajsa Olsdotter
, a farmer and "Rusthållare" of Långgälla, an ancient family farm in Kumla Söcken, of Örebro län, Sweden.

 Today their descendants can still be found in Sweden, Canada, and the U. S. A.


   VAUGHN Family <- click to read
Early Pioneers of Missouri & Iowa


   And Read about this Old Spanish California Family
M. MACHADO who married a Vaughn

 Updated  Our Bradshaw Roots

  17th Century Bradshaws of the Virginia Colony

Updated!   BRADSHAW  Families of Iowa 
Migration: Virginia > Ohio > Illinois > Missouri > Iowa
 Family Records, which includes BREEDEN

 These Two Web Sites include stories about the families of: BRADSHAW, CHIZUM, SHINLEY, KEELER, HINDORFF, MACHADO, NEWCOMB & MACK Families

These families are part of my Maternal Grandfather Hindorff's  lineage.

All of these families can be found in my
Searchable Surname Index File

Annie's Webs


~And Read About~

One Family Legend has it that there was an early Vaughn who was an English Lord.
The word 'Vaughn' is a Welsh word that means "small".

    Did Our VAUGHN Ancestral Families come from
The Tretower Vaughans ?

  Tretower Castle in Wales
~ click on the CASTLE to learn more 

 The Tretower Castle ~ Our Vaughan / Vaughn Ancestral home

 WALES ~ Land of The Red Dragon
~ The Native Home-Land of the family "Llewellyn" ~> the Anglicized spelling of which  ...became "Vaughn"

Need Help???

Do you have difficulty in locating name places in old Great Britain? Here is a great GenWeb site to look for all those places you couldn't find on modern maps.  GENMAPS 

These will come in handy for looking up the places noted in my various British Family records & pages

LAMBS of Another Fold

Descendants of Isaac & Martha Lamb
Who was Isaac Lamb? Where did he come from?

 The Lamb Family - Early Pioneers of old Genesee County, New York

The Johnsonburgh Story -  Town of Sheldon, Wyoming-

In 1814, there were "five log houses and a shanty" in Johnsonburg village. The village was named after George Johnson, who caused the first post office to be built.  Around 1824, "Isaac Lamb built the first framed house" in Johnsonburgh village (Johnsonburg became Sheldon, NY - part of the village was Orangeville.) "In the early days,  there was a public burying ground opened in Orangeville near Johnsonburg. . .About the year 1830,  Isaac Lamb opened to the public half an acre of land nearly half a mile southwest from the village for burial purposes. . ." (now Wyoming County, NY)

 These families are part of my Maternal Grandmother Hindorff's Ancestral Lineage

with LINKS to the GIRD - HINDORFF Family Pages

LINKS to Other Lines of Our Flock

Settling in Michigan, Iowa, Utah, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming & Montana

Latter Day Saint Families
- related families of Fillmore - Grant - Calkins and other Lamb

Migration:  New York > Ohio > Illinois > Wisconsin > Minnesota > Utah > California

 Fallbrook, California Lambs
and more to be added

  Uploaded Feb. 7, 2003
 The DESCENDANTS of VITAL RECHE - Founders of Fallbrook, California

 New information!  


Read more about how Reche's Grove became Live Oak Park


 Ties to the Sea

To be added...
 Families of New York & the Eastern Seaboard


 The Woodsmen

The American FILLMORE Family coming soon!
will include GRANT, CALKINS & OSGOOD Families.
"In 1838, John Adam FILLMORE, JR and wife, Martha M. CALKINS, they took their large family, and leaving their home in Western New York State, they removed to the far west region, then called the Northwest Territory, and located in the area that became Franklin, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, where he purchased a farm, and carried on in the business of general agriculture. He also owned and operated a local hostelry, "the Buckhorn Tavern", that was then widely known in those early days and had a large patronage." - R. Fillmore

The History of the Black River Pineries

INCLUDES: Early Pioneers in the Great Lakes area & the Great American Desert

All of these families can be found in my
Searchable Surname Index File

Annie's Webs


GIRD Family History Pages

 Rumor has it that the Gird family name was nigh onto extinction.
 Read what I discovered after years of SEARCHING for the roots of this Grand old family!

Includes: Gird, Hind, Hatton, Lamb, Lewis, Stites, Kinsley, Duncan, William, and more.

All of these families can be found in my
Searchable Surname Index File

Annie's Webs

More Ties to the Sea

 GIRD Family's Roots & Branches  
Our Earliest known Gird Families

with LINKS to the Wexford, Ireland HATTON - FRANKLAND families - Includes GOSSETT Family.

NEW information about the GIRD family comes in every week! Many thanks to those who share. It is funny to think that at one time, my family believed this family was nearly extinct.  It is turning out to be one of the biggest families in my records!

 Pioneers of the Old West

Henry Harrison GIRD
 Pioneer GIRDS of Illinois and their 1853 Overland Trek to California
And the LEWIS & STITES families of Illinois
, formerly of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Long Island, New Jersey & Ohio 

 see GIRD Family Christmas 1898 / 1899

 William & Mary (Stites) LEWIS - Early settlers of Illinois
Farmer and Founder of Trenton, Illinois

 STITES Family information discovered!  - Hope to get a page built for this amazing Family soon!

 Edward GIRD and Lucy D. LEWIS - Stories and photos to be added
Will include their GIRD Descendants of- GIRD, LEVERING, STARK, WEDBERG, GILMORE, & WALBRIDGE

The Gird Dairy farm and Orange business that now is part of Downtown Los Angeles


The English KINSLEY (KINGSLEY) & Scottish DUNCAN Families (formerly DUNCANSON) - of the Highlands in Hudson Valley of  New York.
KINSLEY Family History coming soon!

 In the Hudson River Valley, Related Highland Families Includes:
 Gird, Kinsley, Littlefield, Duncan, William, Elliot, Gridley, Faurot, Smith, Drake, Twining, Van Schoonhoven, Hale, Pratt, Mandigo, & Garrision.

  KINSLEY Monument in the West Point Military Academy Cemetery

Legend has it that my GIRD family once owned land that became part of West Point.

of Highland Falls, Orange county, NY, that were sold in 1890 to became the southern part of West Point Military Academy on the Hudson River...the proceeds of which became an inheritance to the 
GIRD & KINSLEY families.

A collection of several different Bios about
the Wexford, Ireland GIRD Family.
       The DESCENDANTS of EDWARD GIRD, son of Henry GIRD, Jr. & Mary HIND
"the son who went West"  
 - an  Early 20th century Richardson county, Nebraska Biography about
George Gird, son of Edward Gird who came from Ireland. Further research revealed that this Edward Gird  was  a son of Henry Hatton Gird (I) & Mary Hind-Gird of Wexford, Ireland  - younger brother of my ancestor, Henry Hatton Gird II.

 updated: April 11th, 2002


 . . .Under Construction.

 The DUNCAN Family- ties to the GIRD Family

  Just the Beginnings of The story of our Scottish Duncanson Family and their Highland Homes along the Hudson River Valley in New York that became the southern part of West Point Military Academy lands in 1890.

The Family of James DUNCAN(SON)
A Scottish-Dutch-American family who were among the early settlers along the Hudson River Valley of New York.

~ will include Revolutionary War Stories ~

Includes in part, the families of :

Who was Col. James DUNCAN (1811-1849), Nat'l Hero of the 1848 Mexican War?

All these Families - Early Settlers of the Highlands along the Hudson River, in New York
. . .see their Final Resting Places at West Point Cemetery
..."Lest we forget!"


All of these families can be found in my
Searchable Surname Index File

Annie's Webs


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& related families


I have only begun to build pages for these families...much more to come!

~ of Dutch, Belgian, French, English, Scottish, German, & Irish Origins ~

MORE Early DUTCH stories are forthcoming!

All of these families can be found in my
Searchable Surname Index File

Annie's Webs


     BROUWER Family <- click here

of  New Netherlands (New York)

MORE Early DUTCH stories are forthcoming! 


Oklahoma DRIGGS Family <-Click here 

Read about the hearty men & women who took part in the Historical Race for Land in Oklahoma Territory in the late 19th century...the last Frontier.

"Story of Our Oklahoma Life: Pappa and I storry of our trip to Oklahoma."
by Matilda Artnesia NIMROD-DRIGGS - my Great-Grandma
~About "Bert" & "Till"

We are now proud to announce our LINK with

 Payne County Genealogy  


Payne county, Oklahoma

A Part of the USGenWeb and OkGenWeb Project


Added Oct. 25th, 2001
       BAILEY Family <- click here
Migration:  New Jersey > Indiana > Wisconsin > Nebraska > Iowa > to old Oklahoma Territory 

[Outdoorsmen: Hunters, Soldiers, Woodsmen, Farmers, Teamster]

Includes:  Driggs, Miller, Rose, Osborn, and other related families

   The MILLER Family  
Migration:   Pennsylvania > Illinois > Iowa > Nebraska > Iowa > to old Oklahoma Territory

 William Miller was a village blacksmith, like his father before him, of Scottish origin and the Presbyterian faith Gramma said the Miller's were Pennsylvania Dutch. What does that mean ?

 Currier and Ives

  The Village Blacksmith
by Henry W. Longfellow

Under a spreading chestnut-tree
The village smithy stands;
The smith, a mighty man is he,
With large and sinewy hands;
And the muscles of his brawny arms
Are strong as iron bands.
His hair is crisp and black and long;
His face is like the tan;. . .

I am still researching this family, but hope to have a little bit of the family history I found posted soon!

Includes:  BAILEY, MILLER, CURRY, URE, & other related families as they are discovered

All of these families can be found in my
Searchable Surname Index File

Annie's Webs

Proud to Announce that we are now listed and linked with the Kansas GenWeb Project.

The KSGenWeb Project

 The NIMROD Family Pages

family migration: Virginia > Kentucky > (Pennsylvania?) > Ohio > Indiana > Kansas > Oklahoma
Includes the Families of:

With New Information obtained from divers Census records!

The CRAWN -SMITH Families
My GG-Gramma Nimrod's family
family migration:  Virginia > Ohio > Indiana & Michigan >  Kansas
1825 - Daniel CRAWN was among the men who were the EARLY Settlers of Darke County, OHIO  
From: History of Darke County Ohio, Vol. 1, by Frazier Wilson, pp. 161-163.
Reprinted by the Darke County Genealogical Society, 1997.


 CLICK here to view -> Burden Cemetery, Silver Creek Twp., Cowley County, Kansas

"Why My Parents Left Kansas for Oklahoma"
by Beulah May FRANKLIN-GREIDER (1908-2000),
~ A NIMROD / FRANKLIN Auto-Biography

Beulah M. Franklin-Greider was a dau. Catherine Elizabeth "Cass" Nimrod-Franklin, a sister of my G-Grandmother, Matilda Artnecie "Till" Nimrod-Driggs

With New Nimrod family information & photos posted April 2003!!!

Annie's Webs


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  Family Armorials

Crests & Tartans  

Includes: Legends and facts

  Uploaded ~ November 21, 2001

home for many of our  ancestors...   

A "MUST SEE " LINK to OLD INVERNESS, to see an area of our ancestral beginnings:
 Drawings of Old Inverness  <- CLICK here to go there now!

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    Cemetery Pages

  New Listings ~ Newly Updated  April  2003

Union Cemetery  Union Twp, Payne County, Oklahoma (DRIGGS)   <-Click here to view

 Cody Cemetery, Cody, Wyoming (HINDORFF)  <-Click here to view

March 2003  Hough Cemetery, Shelby county, Indiana  (GIRD)  <-Click here to view 
(NEW info just added) 

Glencoe Union Cemetery, Pawnee Co., Oklahoma (NIMROD - TUCKER) <-Click here to view  

April 9th, 2003 Burden Cemetery, Cowley Co., Kansas (NIMROD- FRANKLIN) <-Click here to view   

More to Come!


Historical Pages


Old Temecula, Calif.

 1890 Map of Fall Brook, Calif.

1891 Oklahoma Land Run 

More new pages soon!


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 Check Back. The LINKS page will soon be under reconstruction

U.S.A. Presidents
found in
My Family Tree
and how we are related.  Check out the Links to Presidential web sites while you're there! 


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Gardening &  Home .
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