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The Last Will and Testament of Absolom Hinshaw

Last will and testament of Absolom Hinshaw;
North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Division of Archives and Manuscripts; Original Wills, Randolph County; microfilm #1578527 in the LDS FHL.

In The name of God amen. I Absolom Hinshaw of the County of Randolph and State of North Carolina being weak in Body but though of sound mind and memory do Declare this my will and testament     after paying all my just Debts do Dispose of the Ballance of my Estate as follows to witt
I give to my wife Elizabeth Hinshaw the House wherein I now live with all the other buildings with the orchord with one hundred acres of Land including the afforesaid also Two Hundred dollars in Mony     one Horse Called Ball with all the House hold Furniture also Two Cows and Calves and four Sheep her Choice     all my stock of Hogs

I give to my son Stephen Hinshaw the Ballance of my Home Tract Containing Two Hundred acres and also at his Mothers Death the whole Tract containing three hund acres [-unclear-] to the Deeds to him his heirs and [-unclear-] forever also my sett of Smith Tools and the woodwork of one Waggon     also Forty Dollars in Cash

I give to my grand daughter Elizabeth Upton one pine chest and one big [-unclear-]

give to my five grand children my Daughter Ann Upton's children fifty cents Each

All the Ballance of my Estate both Real and personal I will that it shall be made sale of to the highest bidder and the proceeds thereof shall be Equally Divided amongst my children share and share alike     that is to say Elizabeth Cox John Hinshaw Rebecah Macon Jacob Hinshaw Joseph Hinshaw Stephen Hinshaw & Abel Hinshaw

I Do ordain Constitute and appoint my son Stephen Hinshaw and Hugh Moffett Executors to this my last will and Testament declaring all former wills and Testaments to be void     in witness whereof I have herunto sett my hand and seal this 13th day of January 1829

Absolom Hinshaw

Signed Sealed & Delivered
in the presents
Garret Lane
Abel Cox

An Inventory of the Estate of Absalam Hinshaw Decd, 26 of February 1835.
Cash on hand $60,, 12 1/2
One note on William Bird due 9th of October 1829 for 2,, 00
One note on Jesse L[...] due 15 of May 1829 35,, 00
One note on Samuel Craven due 16 of March 1829 3,, 55
One note given by John R[...] & Jesse Lawrence due 31 May 1828 34,, 00
One note given by Thos. Mason due 2 April 1829 05,, 00
One note given by John Richardson due 29 of November 1828 05,, 80
One note given by Nicholas Barker due 12 of February 1829 07,, 00
One note given by Jesse Larrence due 2 of April 1828 54,, 00
with a [...] on the back for $3,, 75 - 27 of May 1829
One note on Jesse Gallin due 27 of august 1828 10,, 00
[...] $5.00 9 November 1829 2,, 65
One note on Wm Mason due 11 of March 1824
[...]1 July 1826 $1-00 credit $0-37-3 credit $0-75 [...] 1828
John R[...] [...] one against John [...] $48-50 due 30 Dec 1819
with a credit for $
[...].00 13 " 1821, _2 November 21 1836 $4,,00 [...]
one against John [...] & Lewis Needham, due 27 March 1819 for 55- 00
William Bird Rich for a [...] against Joshua Cox ---
due 14 March 1824
[...] returned [...] $1.31 by [...]
17,, 00
One [...] John [...], doubtful - for - 2,, 15
John [...] note due 28 January 1835 79,, 37

Record of the sale of the personal property of Absolom Hinshaw; sold February 26, 1830, yielding a total of $99.79, certified May 1, 1830 by his executors Stephen Hinshaw and Hugh Moffett.

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