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Marriage Record of Mary Hinshaw and Joseph Hadley

Record of the marriage certificate of Mary Hinshaw and Joseph Hadley
Cane Creek MM book of marriage records:
"Western Quarter Cane Creek Monthly Meeting Volume I", page 248; microfilm #0371251 in the LDS FHL.

Whereas Joseph Hadly of Chatham County and state of Northcarolina & son of Joshua and Ruth Hadly (the Latter Deceased) and Mary Hinshaw of Randolph County and state aforesaid and Daughter of William and Mary Hinshaw they Haveing Declared their intentions of marriage with each other before several Monthly Meetings of the people called Quakers at Cane Creek according to the good order used amongst them   And having Consent of parties concerned their said proposals of Marriage after Deliberate consideration they appearing Clear of all others was allowed of by the said Meetings.     Now these are to Certify whom it may concern that for the full accomplishing their said Intentions this seventeenth Day of the third Month in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Eight they the said Joseph Hadly and Mary Hinshaw appeared in a publick meeting of sd people at Holly Spring Meeting House in Randolph County aforesd there the sd Joseph Hadly takeing [...] Mary Hinshaw by the Hand Did in a solemn manner openly Declare that he took her the said

Mary Hinshaw to be his wife promising through Divine assistance to be unto her a Loveing and faithful Husband until Death should seperate them: and then and there in said assembly she the said Mary Hinshaw Did in Like manner Declare that she took him the sd Joseph Hadly to be her Husband promising through Divine assistance to be unto him a Loveing and faithful Wife until Death should seperate them or words to the same effect:   and Moreover they the sd Joseph Hadly & Mary Hinshaw she according to the Custom of marriage assuming the name of her Husband as a further Confirmation thereof Did then and there to these presents set Hands

And we being present at the solemnization thereof and [...] of the said Marriage Do as witnesses there also subscribe our Names the Day and year as above written

Joseph Hadly
Mary Hadly
her mark

Elizabeth Hinshaw
Rebekah Hinshaw
Martha Cox
Rebeca Man
Mary Hadly
Abigail Hinshaw
Phebe Alan
Hannah Hinshaw
Moses Cox
John Alan
Jacob Hinshaw
William Hinshaw
Benjamin Hinshaw
Patience Hadly
Rebecca Hinshaw
William Hinshaw
Joseph Cox
Charles M
Joshua Hadly
Jacob Hinshaw
Thomas Hinshaw
Jane Hadly
William Hinshaw
Joshua Hadly
John Hadly

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