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Family of Thomas Hinshaw and Mary Barker

This is the family of Thomas Hinshaw and Mary Barker Hinshaw, taken in the summer of 1898, during the visit of their son Francis and his family from Indiana. Taken on the east porch of the Lewis Hinshaw home.

Back row, left-to-right: Francis T. Hinshaw, Asa Benton Hinshaw, Elvin Bean, Lewis Hinshaw and his wife Lucy, Eula Hinshaw, Amos Hinshaw and his wife Delia.

Middle row, left-to-right: Emma (wife of Francis T. Hinshaw), Thomas Hinshaw and his wife Mary Barker Hinshaw, Nathan Barker (widower of Millicent Hinshaw and brother of Mary Barker Hinshaw), Bud Byrd with wife Letha Hinshaw.

Front row, left-to-right: Ollie Hinshaw, Hervey Wistar Hinshaw, Carl Cyrus Hinshaw, Clara Mabel Hinshaw, and Floy Byrd, Colon Byrd and Clarence Byrd (children of Letha Hinshaw).

Photo courtesy of Waldo Hinshaw.

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