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Last Will and Testament of Conrad Hanshew

In the name of God Amen. I Conrad Henshue of
the County of Wythe being very sick and weak in body but
of perfect mind and memoy thanks to God for his mercy.
Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing
that it is appointed for all men to die do make and
Ordain this my last will and testament that is to say
principally and first of all I give and recommend my
Soul into the hand of almighty God that gave it
and my Body I recommend to the earth to be buried in
decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors
-- doubting but at the general resurrection I Shall
-- the same again by the mighty power of God
and as to my -- worldly Estate herewith

it hath pleased God to Bless me with in this life
I give desire and dispose of the same in the
following manner and form.
First I give and bequeath to Catherine Hanshue
my dearly beloved wife whom I likewise consecrate
make and ordain the executrix of this my last
will and testament. All my estate both real and
personal together with all my debts by her freely
to be -- and enjoyed til my youngest child
comes to the age of 20 years then the estate both
Real and personal to be sold and the money to
be equally divided among my children Except
my Daughter Barbara Rhinehart who is to have
Five pounds for the benefit of her son George
Rhinehart. I do also ordain Reuben Cox my
Executor and I do hereby disavow revoke and
disannul all and every other former Testaments
wills and executors by me in any way before mentioned
willed and bequeathed. Ratifying and Confirming this
to be my last will and testament. In witness
-- Shall hereunto set my hand and deal this
-- day of February 1800
Signed sealed and -- pronounced and
declared by the said Conrad Henshue as his last
will and testament in the presence of us who in his
-- and in the presence of -- -- have

Joseph SpearConrad Henshue
Thomas Charmichael [his mark]
Wythe County September Court 1800

This the last will and testament
of Conrad Henshue -- was -- in court and
-- by the oath of Joseph Spear and Thomas Charmichael
the witnesses thereto and the same is ordered to be
 John Patt---

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