David Blalock Webb
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David Blalock Webb grave Francis E. Smith Webb grave (I do not have a summary written for David Blalock Webb yet, but this is a compilation of notes on him and his family. - DAW)

From Denise Gregory:

David Blalock Webb born sometime between 1823 and 1827 in Tennessee (probably Lincoln County).  He died on August 1, 1904 in Houston, Harris County, Texas (you can find an article in the Houston History Book on David).  He was buried in Crockett, Texas in the Jim English Cemetery.  David first married Sarah Mildredge Winstead who was born on August 1, between 1825 and 1828.  She died sometime before 1870 in Marion County, Alabama.  Sarah was the daughter of Benjamin Winstead and Telitha Allen.  David and Sarah had five known children, all of whom are listed below.

Next David married a widow Francis Elizabeth Stuckey.  She was born Dec 9, 1839 in Ga. and died Sep 23 , 1891 in Houston County.  She is buried in the Jim English Cemetery in Houston County, Texas.  They had five children, all of whom are listed below.

From Lynn Campbell:

"In the year 1870 someone who had been to Texas returned with remarkable stories of cotton growing in Texas which encouraged David to move to Texas with his family.  In 1872 he and his family left their home near the Tombigbee River in Mississippi.  They travelled in covered wagons drawn by oxen.  They covered about 20 miles a day.  Their children frequently walked between wagons.  In Nov. 1872, after traveling about 30 days, they arrived in Houston County, Texas where they settled in the Pleasant Grove Community.  Soon after they arrived, their James Allen died and was buried in the nearest cemetery at that time was the Jim English Cemetery, east of Crockett." - Lynn Campbell

From Arthur E. Thomas' notes, written in the 1950's:

"David Webb, through patriotism and probably necessity, converted his finances to Confederate money and he had a lot of it.  After the War this money was worthless and the family was hard pressed to meet bodily needs.  Ellen Cedella (Stuckey) Arnold, his step-daughter, now 98 and living, says she recalls spinning and weaving all the cloth for the clothes and hosiery.  She continued to spin and weave until she married Jim Arnold who came from Abbeville, Alabama to Houston County, Texas."

"All of his children in Texas, as they married, established homes near him in the Pleasant Grove and Arbor communities.  David Webb acquired considerable land and cotton was the money crop.  He also owned and operated a cotton gin until it burned in the late nineties."

"He had a mole, or sore, on his right cheek, which became malignant, the cause of his death.  There are many pleasant childhood memories of family affairs which might be of interest to some and not to others.  In this first, and I hope not the complete draft, I will not give more than mentioned above."

Texas Bound 1850 Marion County, Alabama Census (modern Lamar Co.)
Household #42
Webb, David 25 Farmer $300 AL
Webb, Sarah M. 24 AL
Webb, Mary Jane 2 AL

1860 Marion County, Alabama Census (modern Lamar Co.)
Webb, David 33 M Farmer TN $1000 $1250
Webb, Sarah 32 F TN
Webb, Mary 10 F AL
Webb, Benj. 8 M AL
Webb, John 6 M AL
Webb, Eliza 4 F AL
Webb, James 1 M AL

Children of David Blaylock Webb and Sarah Mildrege Winstead Webb

Mary Jane Webb (md. John Taylor Robinson)
     Mary Jane seems to have married in 1867 in Marion County, Alabama.  She is said to have died one year after her marriage.  She had no known children.  She is buried in the Schottsville Cemetery with no marker.

Benjamin Winstead Webb (md. Lucy Ann Parham)
      Benjamin Winstead Webb was one of the only children to stay in Mississippi.  He had a number of children, but he moved away late in his life.  He is thought to have died in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1939 at the age of 87.  His children grew up and lived around Amory, Monroe County, Mississippi.

John Hiram Webb John Hiram Webb (md. Eliza Ellen Hooks)
     John Hiram Webb son of David Blalock Webb married Eliza Ellen Hooks ca. 1880 and had ten known children.  He moved to Texas with his father and also died at the age of 87 in Runnels County, Texas.

Eliza Ann Webb Rhoden Eliza Ann Webb (md. Mr. Rhoden)
     Eliza Ann Webb dau. of David Blalock Webb married a Rhoden and had children David Houston Rhoden, William Floyd Rhoden, Cora Ellen Rhoden, Walter Rhoden.

James Allen Webb (died at age sixteen)

Children of David Blaylock Webb and Frances Elizabeth Smith Webb

David Clark Webb (md. Nannie Miller Goodloe)
     David Clark Webb married Nannie Miller Goodlow and had seven children: Sidney Alfred, Frances Elizabeth, Alice Methvin, Nannie Eliza, Minnie Pearl, George, and Emma.

Narcissa Frances Webb (md. Monroe Arthur Thomas)
     Narcissa Francis Webb married Monroe Arthur Thomas and had Arthur , Milton, and David Clifton Thomas. ( Dr. Arthur Thomas wrote the 1950 Dawson papers)

Letty Lou Gainey Webb (md. Wesley Ezekial Cannon)
     Lettie Lou Webb married Wesley Cannon and had 9 children: Anna Helen, Wesley Byron, Rena, Clinton, George, Louis , Mary Lee, Ben, and John Webb Cannon.

Richard V. Webb (md. Clara Hallmark, Freddie Smith, and Tellie Temple)
     Richard Webb married Tellie Temple and had 4 children: Miller Webb, Wilse Webb, Madie Webb, and Gayle Webb. then he married Clara Hallmark and had 5 children: Blanche, Sally, Ida, Effie, Evie Webb. He later married Freddie Smith and had no children with her.

Hattie Belle Webb (md. John H. Burden)

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Images of tombstones courtesy of Letty Harrington's Jim English Cemetery website.
Photo of John Hiram Webb courtesy of Mary Kobey, his grandaughter.
Photo of Eliza Ann Webb Rhoden courtesy of Joe G. Brannen, her great-great-grandson.
Wagon train engraving from "Scribner's Monthly" September 1874, page 532.