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Gillie Delila Tooten WebbHiram Jackson Webb was born in 1824 in (probably) what is today either Marion or Lamar County, Alabama. His mother and father had just moved from Lincoln County, Tennessee a year or two earlier.  When Hiram Jackson was about fourteen years old his father died.  He continued living with his mother and the rest of his younger siblings until he was about 23 years old.  The same year that his mother finally remarried, to John Paschall, Hiram Jackson married the daughter of a very close family friend, Gillie Delila Tooten, daughter of Zach Tuten, on October 19, 1847, in Itawamba County, Mississippi.  Two of Gillie's sisters would also wind up marrying two of Hiram Jackson's nephews, but that is another story.

When the 1850 census came around, Hiram Jackson was in Itawamba County:

1850 Itawamba County, Mississippi Census
Page 407; 7th District; Household #400/400
Webb, Hiram J. 24 m Farmer  $125  Alabama
Webb, Gillila      25 f                        Tennessee
In early 1855, Hiram Jackson and Gillie had their only child, Zachariah Taylor Webb, named for Gillie's father no doubt.  He was born on January the third, 1855.  In 1860, the census finds the family in Itawamba County still:
1860 Marion County, Alabama Census
Page 524; L1#310#292
Webb, Hiram J.         -35M  Farmer  $800R  $740P  b.Alabama
Webb, Delila             -35F                                               "
Webb, Zacheriah       -3M                                          Mississippi
What happened after that date, and after the Civil War of course, is unknown.  Rick Reed believes that Hiram Jackson might have died sometime during the war or maybe shortly after.  And he also thinks he probably was living still in Alabama farming at that time. Once the war started up, who knows where he headed off to.

By 1880, Gillie is remarried to a man named Baxter Hyde and by 1900 Baxter is dead. Gillie is thought to be buried in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Child of Hiram Jackson Webb

Zachariah Taylor Webb (md. Mary Ann "Molly" Warren)

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