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Up until early 2003, the other branches of Hiram Webb's family did not know what happened to Jacob.  A photo had surprisingly been passed down through other lines that is supposedly of Jacob, but not much was known about him.  We thought the only child we knew of was Wiley Pickney Webb, but since then we have found our Wiley Webb (Wiley *D* not *P*) with his father Jacob in Arkansas, not staying in Lamar and Monroe Counties.


It seems as though Jacob was born on November 6, 1829, more than likely in what is today Lamar County, Alabama.  We currently have no idea where his middle name of Kuykendall came from.  Some of his descendants spell it Kerkindoll, and one of his nephews, Hyram Kerkindall Dawson, was given the name in 1842 when he was born.  His father died when he was about nine years old and he is probably in the household of his mother, Mary Webb, in the 1840 census where she is found in Itawamba County.  The land they lived on then is just north of Gum Church, northwest of Tremont.

The first record we have of him was when he married in Itawamba County, Mississippi on October 16, 1848 to Martha A. Hogan.  In 1850 the family is found here:

1850 Itawamba County, Mississippi Census
District 7; Page 406A; Household #383/383
Webb, Jacob K. 21 M Farmer TN
Webb, Martha 21 F AL
Webb, Wiley D. 1 M MS

He is fairly close to most all of his other brothers and to his mom here.  He is recorded on the 1853 Itawamba County, Mississippi Census as J.K. Webb on page 27.  He was thought to have come across into Arkansas and first stopped around Lake Village, Arkansas, but the first we find him is over on the other side of the state, in Hempstead County, in 1860:

1860 Hempstead County, Arkansas Census
Moscow P.O.; Household #679/679
Webb, J.K. 32 M Farmer $700 in real estate AL
Webb, Martha A. 31 F AL
Webb, Wiley D. 11 M MS
Webb, William R. (can't read age) M MS
Webb, Telitha (can't read initial) 6 F MS
Webb, Wellington B. 3 M MS
Webb, Anthony (can't read initial) 6 months M Ark 

The order of what children belong to which wife is very confusing.  We see Martha still living in 1860, but by 1880 he has married again. In 1880, the census finds Jake listed this way:

1880 Lonoke County, Arkansas Census
Gumwoods, page 461A
Webb, Jake Md M W 51 Farmer AL NC TN
Webb, Marry Wife Md. F W 33 MS NC NC
Webb, Jake Son S M W 18 AR AL AL
Webb, Carles Son S M W 8 AR AL AL
Webb, Della Dau. S F W 7 AR AL AL
Webb, Fletcher Son S M W 8months AR AL AL
Asbery, Logan Other S M B 19 Farm Laborer AR AR AR
Griffen, Gid Other S M W 26 Farm Laborer MS AL AL

Lonoke is just southeast of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Jake's final wife was Sarah R. "Sally" Martin.  She was born February 10, 1867, and they married on April 17, 1887, in Yell County, Arkansas.  At that time there was quite an age difference:  he was 57 and she had just turned 20!  Jess may have been their son, and the date of his birth could very well be wrong, but we know they had four additional children also: Fanny Cross Webb, Ora Mae, Minnie F. and Annie born in 1885, 1891, 1895, and 1896.  Jake's last child was born when he was 67 years old!  The census caught them in 1900 like this:

1900 Yell County, Arkansas Census
Galley Rock Township; Page 144A; Household #137/141
Webb, Jake K. Head W M Nov. 1829 70 Md. 13 years AL NC AL Farmer Can read and write, Rents
Webb, Sarah R. Wife W F Jan. 1865 34 Md. 13 years 4/5 children still living AR Unk. AR Can read and write
Webb, Jessee Son W M Nov. 1886 13 Single AR Unk. AR Farm laborer Can read and write
Webb, Fannie C. Dau. W F Aug. 1888 11 Single AR AL AR At School Can read and write
Webb, Ora May Dau. W F May 1891 9 Single AR AL AR At School Can read, can't write
Webb, Minnie F. Dau. W F Sept. 1895 4 Single AR AL AR Can't read or write
Webb, Annie Dau. W F Dec. 1884 5 Single AR AL MS(?) Can't read or write

Jake passed away on February 1, 1901 and is buried at the Harris Cemetery in Yell County, Oklahoma.  It is not known if he kept in touch with any of the family back home.  It is possible that they were in some contact with him sine they do have a photo of him and at least one relative in Oklahoma knew about him.  The way we finally confirmed that the Jake which Greg Bullard had been researching was our Jake was by some information put to paper by Lecil Verland Evans of Muskogee, Oklahoma, back before 1970.  Lecil Verland told us Jake's middle name was Kuykendall and that he had been married three times.

Jake's wife Sally died at the age of 67 in Clearlake, Arkansas.  

Children of Jacob K. Webb (mother of each not absolutely known)

Wiley D. Webb (md. ?)
     We do not know what happened to Wiley.

William R. Webb (md. Curline and Purlie)
     William was born in October of 1854 in Mississippi.  He married at least a couple of times and had a number of children, but not all lived to adulthood.   We know he had a son named William B. Webb and a daughter named Fannie M. Webb.  William was on the 1880 Lonoke County and 1900 Yell County Census in Arkansas.  We do not know what happened to him after that.

Telitha Webb (md. ?)
     Telitha is not known to us outside of one of the censuses.  She was born about 1854 in Mississippi and is with the family in Arkansas in 1860, but since we haven't found the 1870 census yet, we do not know if she lived to adulthood.

Wellington Berry Webb (md. Eulalia)
     Berry was born in November of 1856 in Mississippi.  Berry had at least five children that lived to adulthood.  Their children were Nanny E., Ida, Elizabeth "Bessie", Clarence E., and Jake K. Webb.  He was on the 1880 Conway County and 1900 Yell County Censuses in Arkansas.  We do not know what happened to him after that.

Anthony Webb (md. ?)
     Anthony is an unusual name for a Webb.  He was born in 1859 in Moscow, Hempstead County, Arkansas.  He may have been Jack actually, but I include him here now since I am not sure.

Jack Webb (md. Sallie)
     Jack was born in 1860 in Arkansas.  He and Sallie were on the 1880 Lonoke County census, but that's the last we see of him.  

Jake Webb (md. ?)
     Jake was born in 1861 in Arkansas.  He lived to be an adult, but I know absolutetely nothing else about him other than that I was told he's buried in Cottontown Cemetery in Yell County.

Charles "Charley" Webb (md.Rosa Lee Mirren)
     Charley was born in November of 1871 in Arkansas.  He married at the age of 27, on October 25, 1899, in Yell County to Rosa, who was eight years his younger.  The couple was found on the 1900 Yell County census, but what happened to them after that is unknown.

Della Webb (md. J. W. Summerhill)
     Della was born in 1873 in Arkansas.  She married J.W. on March 13, 1890 in Lonoke County.  What happened to her after that is unknown, but one of her children, Thompson, is buried in Yell County.

Fletcher Webb (md. ?)
     Other than that Fletcher Webb was born in April of 1879 in Lonoke County, Arkansas, we don't know anything else about him.

Jesse Lafayette Webb (md. Daphin Spain)
     Jess was born on November 12, 1886 in Lonoke County and died on May 15, 1971, in Yell County.  He was buried in the Petillo Hill Cemetery in Yell County.  He and Daphane (the daughter of Robert Spain and Mary A. Peeler) had a few children.  Not much else is known about him.

Francis "Fanny" Cross Webb (md. Tom McNulty)
     Fanny was born on August 29, 1888, in Lonoke County.  She and Tom had a few children together and she passed away on March 28, 1974 in Kansas City, Missouri.  She was buried in Caulkville, Arkansas.

Ora Mae Webb (md. Britt Bullard)
     Ora Mae was born in May of 1891 in Lonoke County.  She married Britt (the son of James Bullard and Nancy Shepherd) and together they had a number of children.  Britt was just a few years older than her.  He died at the age of 77 in 1966.  She passed away on January 12, 1974, and is buried in Brearley Cemetery in Dardanelle, Yell County.  

Minnie F. Webb (md. James Emmett Cain)
     Minnie was born in September of 1895.  She passed away quite young, on October 21, 1930, but not before she and Emmett had two girls.  Emmett died in August of 1966.  They are both buried in Moore Hill Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas.

Annie Webb (md. ?)
      Not much is known about Annie other than that she was born in December of 1896 in Arkansas.  She probably died young since other children didn't know of her.

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