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James E. Webb's known migrations In 1828, Hiram and Mary Rebecca had another boy.  James E. Webb was born in Alabama to the still relatively young couple.  He would have been only ten years old when his father died, and his mother remarried eight years later, just after James himself married.

Thanks to a marriage record, we know that he married Seabel/Cebel (Sybelle?) Bounds in Itawamba County, Mississippi on January 12, 1846.  Later that year they had their first child, a girl named Clementine Mirack on the 1860 census.  In 1853, the Itawamba County census records James:

1853 Itawamba County, Mississippi Census
Webb, J.E.  -  008

By the time the Civil War had broken out, James and Cebel had six children: Clementine, William, John, Hiram, Pinckney, and James.  Clementine was listed as being born in Mississippi, as are William, John, and Hiram.  This means that James and Cebel lived in Itawamba County from 1846 to around 1853.  Then they moved back into Alabama.  That is where Pinckney, James, and Sarah were born, most likely in Marion County.  They are recorded there in 1860 in the Western District of the county:

1860 Marion County, Alabama Census (modern Lamar Co.)
Page 524; Household #316; Pikeville P.O.
Webb, Jas. 32 M Farmer AL ($600, $1000)
Webb, Sebell 34 F AL
Webb, Mirack 15 F MS
Webb, Wm. 12 M MS
Webb, John 9 M MS
Webb, Hiram 7 M MS
Webb, Pinckney 6 M AL
Webb, James 4 M AL
Webb, Sarah 1 F AL

James is living next to Samuel Webb (his brother) and Tillman Irvin (his brother-in-law).  I think this ensures that this James Webb is indeed the son of Hiram, though oral tradition has handed this fact down through some families also.

Rick Reed has found information on a James Webb that joined the Union forces in Corinth, Mississippi in 1863, well after the war started.  From what we learn of James' movements after the war, it sure seems like this is our James.  It describes him as being 36 years old.  In 1863, our James E. Webb, would have been 35 years old.  It says he joined Company M, 1st Alabama Cavalry at Camp Davis.  He joined the army on December 5, 1863.  This means he would have either joined the southern forces earlier in the war or he had been avoiding conscription.  Mandatory service for men of fighting age had been in effect for some time by then.  So maybe he is listed with the southern forces as well.  Northwest Alabama and Northeast Mississippi were hotbeds for resistance against secession and many men did join the Union from these areas.  But it is important to note that James is apparently the only Webb to join the Union forces.  The description of the new recruit is: 5'5" with dark complexion and hazel eyes.  His eyes were dark.  The record shows he was absent with leave from January to April in 1864, and then he was absent without leave or deserted on May 29, 1864.  He may or may not have headed north at this time.  It also says that he took with him a Smith Carbine and a Colt revolver.  Those were good tools to have if you should be on the run!

Jackson County, Illinois - the area around DeSoto This is where our storey ended for half a century.  All contact with the other Webb descendants was lost during the war, and only in late 2002 have these families been linked back together.  When James left the Union forces in 1864, or shortly after the war was over, he moved his family north.  They would not have been able to remain in the south after the war was over without fearing retribution of some kind or at the least hard feelings from all their neighbors.  So James left Mississippi through western Tennessee, following the Mississippi River up through Memphis, Dyersburg, Cape Girardeau, and stopping in one of the southernmost counties of Illinois, Jackson County.  The 1870 census finds his family there:

1870 Jackson County, Illinois Census
DeSoto Township; Household #203/202
Webb, James 47 M W Farmer $2000-real estate $500-personal property AL Can't read and write
Webb, Sarah 45 F W Keeps House AL Can't read or write
Webb, Maria 23 F W MS Can read, can't write
Webb, John 20 M W MS
Webb, Jacob 17 M W MS
Webb, Pinkney 15 M W AL
Webb, Jane 12 F W AL
Webb, George 8 M W AL
Webb, Joseph 7 M W AL
Webb, Richard 12 M W Illinois (in school)
Bowers, Rosanna 73 F W NC Can't read or write

DeSoto Cemetery It seems likely that the boy, aged 4 on the 1860 census, James, has died during the war.  The other son missing is William.  He was 12 in 1860.  He probably died before the 1870 census, possibly during the war.  When the war started, he would have been 13.  By its end, he would have been 17.  It's entirely possible he fought near the war's end, but it's also quite possible that he died from some sort of illness during the war or at any point after 1860.  It is also possible that he married (outside of Jackson County, Illinois) and moved away before 1870, but it seems a little less likely than dying young. Everyone else is present and two new additions, George and Joseph, have also arrived.  After 1870, we lose track of James.  More research is being done on him and his descendants and I expect we will find more about him.  It would be strange if they left Jackson County though since we find most of their children marrying there in the 1870's and 1880's.  We also find some of their children buried there, in the DeSoto Cemetery.  As soon as more information is discovered, I will update the information on this page.

A big thanks should go to Tracy Weatherby, a descendant of James' son Pinkney, for posting questions about her ancestors on the Webb forum on Genforum.  That is where we linked these families up.  And also I would like to thank Rick Reed for his wonderful help.  He has found the children's marriages and more information about burials at his library in Dallas.  Even though it's not Rick's line, he still is always ready to help!

Children of James E. Webb

Clementine Mariah Webb (md. Hiram Heiple on April 7, 1872)
     Clementine was born on January 31, 1847, in Itawamba County, Mississippi.  She married Hiram Heiple after her family had moved to Illinois.  She is buried in the DeSoto Cemetery in Jackson County, Illinois, but we are a little unsure about the exact date of death; it looks like May 23, 1893.  No children are yet known, but hopefully this will soon change.

William Webb (?)
     We do not know what happened to William after age 12.  Comments in the text above provide some possible reasons why.

John E. Webb (md. Fannie Buchanan on Sept. 30, 1876)
     We don't know much about John and Fannie, but they were still living in Jackson County in 1880 when the census found them.  They had no children yet, but were still young.  We hope to find more on them soon.

Hiram Jacob Webb (md. Martha Ann Gray on Sept. 28, 1876)
     Hiram was baptised in the Zion Lutheran Church in Somerset Illinois shortly before he married Martha Ann.  They moved to the bootheel of Missouri around 1880.

Pickney Argi Webb (md. Sarah Jane Nausley on May 24, 1875)
     Pinkney and Sarah had children, and some descendants are known, but for now, not much more is known about his life after marriage.

James Webb (md. ?)
     It is not for certain, but it seems as though James might have married Mary Wallace Jan. 26, 1884, in Jackson County.  Nothing else is known about him.

Sarah Jane Webb (md.?)
     Nothing else for the time being is known about her, though she did at least reach the age of 12 as the 1870 census tells us.

George R. Webb (md.Mary Ford on March 3, 1881)
     George and Mary continued to live in DeSoto, but apparently they did not have any children.  In 1900, they are found on the census there and she is listed as having had zero children. Mary died in 1906 and was buried in the DeSoto Cemetery.  I think George might have remarried to India
Alice Hart after Mary's death.  She is also buried in the DeSoto Cemetery when she died in 1942.  If he did marry India, his middle name was certainly Robert.

Joseph / Josiah Webb (md.Nancy Scott and Cynthia ?)
     Joe lived virtually all of his life in DeSoto.  He married Nancy Scott on September 7, 1883, but it is not known if they had any children.  She passed away just before the census reached him in 1900, and he is listed as a Widower with numerous step-children.  It looks like he married shortly after that to a Cynthia, and that they had some children, but it is not known if any survived infancy.  Joe died at the age of 77 in 1940 and is buried at the DeSoto Cemetery, where both wives are also buried.

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