John W. Webb
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John W. Webb was the first known child of Joseph Webb and Mariah Barbara Martin Webb.  He was born in 1835, either in Lincoln County, Tennessee or Madison County, Alabama.  He grew up in Madison County, but after his father died, when John was only twelve years old, he lived in Lincoln County with his mother and new stepfather, William Philpot. 

His mother married Mr. Philpot in 1849, two years after Joseph Sr. died.  For four years he lived in the same house with his new step-sister, Margaret A. Philpot, who was a couple of years older than him.  But on June 7, 1853, they married in Lincoln County.  They were no blood relation of course. 

The next year they had their first child, Sarah Webb.  And two years after that a boy named William.  In 1860, when the census came around, John was not living in the home with his wife and children.  They were all living with his mother (and Margaret's father!) in Lincoln County, while John apparently was in the next county working to earn money for the new family:

1860 Lincoln County, Tennessee Census
Post Office: Pleasant Plains; Page 245; Household #239
Philpot, Wm 55 Farmer $8000 Real Estate, $6000 Personal Estate
Philpot, Marriah 48 KY
Philpot, Harriett 11 TN
Philpot, Ellen 7 T
Webb, Margaret 26 TN
Webb, Sarah 6 TN
Webb, William 5 TN
Jackson, William 8 GA

Certainly John isn't dead at this point since he and Margaret have three more children after 1860 with him, so he must be alive, just not in the home at this time.  Their last child was born in about 1863, so he must have been alive at least till 1862.

This is probably him, going to Lynnville, right next door in Giles County, Tennessee, to look for work:

1860 Giles County, Tennessee Census
Post Office: Lynnville; page 92   
Webb, John W. 23 M W TN

He might have still been working in Lynnville the next year when the Civil War broke out.  He seems to have signed up there with a unit from Giles County.  It does seem as though the John W. Webb in Giles County is the one who signed up in Company K of the 1st Tennessee Regimental Infantry (Feild's).  This Company came from Giles County and called itself the "Martin Guards".  Company K trained, went to Virginia, then fought in April of 1862 at the Battle of Shiloh.  John W. Webb was a Private from start to finish in Company K.

What happened to John from this point on is hard to determine currently.  He might have died in the war, but since he had two more boys, one being born in 1863, he certainly was at home for part of it.

Margaret is living as the head of her household next door to Joseph F. Webb in 1870 (though the first two names were transposed):

1870 Lincoln County, Tennessee Census
Post Office: Pleasant Plains; Page 148; Household #54/53
Webb, Sarah [Margaret] 37 F W
Webb, Margaret [Sarah] 17 F W At Home TN $200 Personal Estate
Webb, W.T. 12 M W At Home TN
Webb, C.B. 10 M W At Home TN
Webb, John 7 M W At Home TN

She is living in Giles County in 1880:

1880 Giles County, Tennessee Census
District 9; page 192c
Webb, Margaret A. Head Widowed F W 46 TN Keeping House SC TN
Webb, Sarah F. Dau. Sing. F W 25 TN At Home AL TN
Webb, Chas. B. Son Sing. M 19 TN Laborer AL TN
Webb, John Son Sing. M W 17 TN Laborer AL TN
Webb, Thomas Grandson Sing. M W 1 TN TN TN

We don't know exactly when she passed away.  It is entirely possible she is still living around here in 1900 or even 1910 and 1920.  I have not found her children later though.  And so far I don't know of descendants of this family, but it seems like they should be able to be found. 

Children of John W. Webb and Margaret Philpot Webb

 Sarah Webb (md. ?)
     Sarah was born in 1854 in Lincoln County.

 William T. Webb (md. ?)
     William was born between 1855 and 1857 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

C. B. Webb (md. ?)
     C.B. (a boy) was born in 1860 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

 John Webb (md. ?)
     John was born in 1863 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

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