Joseph F. Webb
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Joseph F. Webb was the second child born to Joseph and Mariah Barbara Martin Webb.  He was born in March of 1839, probably in northwestern Madison County, Alabama.  He grew up in that area with a brother three years older and a sister five years younger.

Probably the most important thing to happen to him in his early years was that at the age of eight or so, his father died.  He had only been about 39 years old.  Two years later, his mother remarried to one of their neighbors, a wealthy farmer named William Philpot.  Joseph and his two siblings never changed their names, but their mother did have two more children, two girls, shortly after this second marriage.  The family was well settled in Blanche, Lincoln County, Tennessee.

This is the situation Joseph grew up in.  A decade later, Joseph married a girl from Blanche, Mary McAnn, the daughter of Robert Gleghorn McAnn and Sarah Elizabeth Smith McAnn.  Mary was born on May 15, 1842, in Blanche (a photo of her is on the right below).  The previous year, Mary's brother, James Jasper McAnn, had married Joseph's sister, Sarah Frances.  Joseph and Mary married on November 17, 1859, in Lincoln County.

The 1860 census found Joseph and Mary starting a new household:Mary McAnn Webb

1860 Lincoln County, Tennessee Census
Post Office: Pleasant Plains; Page 148b; Household #203
Webb, J.F. 21 M Farmer Real Estate $1250, Personal Property $3000 AL
Webb, Mary 16 F TN

Together they had a very large family!  In all, they had eleven children.  The first one was named John (possibly after Joseph's older brother) and was born in Lincoln County.  Joseph was doing well for himself and his young family, but it is not known how they fared during the war.  Mary had just had another child in late 1862, and Joseph, at age 23 or so, certainly would have been expected to fight, even though he had two young children.  Indeed, Joseph did sign up with the 44th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A.  He served in Company G and was a Sergeant at war's start and war's end.

1870 Lincoln County, Tennessee Census
Post Office: Pleasant Plains; Page 148; Household #54/53
Webb, Joseph 35 M W Farmer $500 personal estate TN
Webb, Mary A 25 F W At Home TN
Webb, John L. 16 M W At Home TN
Webb, Mariah 7 F W At Home TN
Webb, James 6 M W At Home TN
Webb, Martha 4 F W At Home TN
Webb, Joseph 1 M W At Home TN

They were living right next door to Joseph's sister-in-law, Margaret, whose husband John has passed away by this point.

Over the next decade, they continued to live in Lincoln County and raise their growing family.  Joseph's stepfather had just passed away and Joseph and Mary's children began to marry off and John was old enough that he was almost left off the 1880 census when they were recorded this way:

1880 Lincoln County, Tennessee Census
District 18; Page 232a
Webb, Joseph F. Head Md. M W 40 AL Farmer AL AL
Webb, Mary E. Wife Md. F W 38 TN Keeping House SC SC
Webb, Moriah E. Dau. Sing. F W 17 TN At home AL TN
Webb, James S. Son Sing. M W 15 TN Farm Hand AL TN
Webb, Martha A. Dau. Sing. F W 13 TN At home AL TN
Webb, Joseph F. Son Sing. M W 10 TN AL TN
Webb, Wm. Son Sing. M W 8 TN AL TN
Webb, Benj. Son Sing. M W 5 TN AL TN
Webb, Mary J. Dau. Sing. F W 3 TN AL TN
Webb, John L. Son Sing M W 19 TN Works on Farm AL TN

In the years of expansion in the last decade of the 18th century, when so many families moved to Oklahoma and Arkansas and Texas, Joseph decided to try his luck in northeast Texas.  The exact year they moved is unknown, but it seems to have been about 1884-1886.  He left his mother in the care of his youngest sister, Ellen, who had married William Forbes and still lived in Lincoln County.  But Mariah didn't live much longer.  She passed away in May of 1898, still living in Lincoln County.  It is interesting to wonder if Joseph or members of his family were able to come back at this time or during her final days.

The 1900 census found them this way:

1900 Hunt County, Texas Census
Page 15a; Household #274/279
Webb, Joseph F. b. Mar 1839 61 M  Married 41 yrs  AL AL AL
Webb, Mary b. May 1840 58 F Married  41 yrs 10 children 9 living TN SC SC
Webb, Mollie b. Oct 1877  22 F TN AL TN
Webb, Shelly b. Nov 1880 19 M TN AL TN
Webb, Fanny b. Mar 1884 16 F AL AL TN
Webb, James S. b. APR 1872 28 M TN AL: TN

Joseph and Mary are listed on the 1910 census for Hunt County:

1910 Hunt County, Texas Census
Clinton Village, District 4, Page 151a; Household #13/14
Webb, J.F. Head M W 71 Md. 51 years AL AL AL Can read and write Rents home
Webb, M.C. Wife F W 67 Md. 51 years TN Ireland Ireland

Joseph did not live much longer though.  He passed away on November 10, 1914, in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas.  He was buried in the Clinton Cemetery in Greenville.  Mary passed away on April 26, 1921, and was buried beside him the next day.

Children of Joseph F. Webb and Mary McAnn Webb

 John L. Webb (md. Nancy V. Sams)
     John was born on August 29, 1860, in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  He and Nancy lived in Hunt County and are buried there.  He passed away on November 21, 1927.  I do not know if he had children or not.

 Mariah Elizabeth Webb (md. Neal Archibald McNeill)
     Mariah was born on October 6, 1862, and married Neal in Limestone County, Alabama, on January 3, 1888.  They lived in Texas also and had three children.  She passed away on May 15, 1922, in Caddo Mills, Texas, and Neal passed away on January 24, 1943.

 Joseph R. Webb (md. Fannie Lou McAdams)
     Joseph was born in 1867, and married Fannie Lou on August 30, 1891, out in Hunt County, Texas.  He lived a very long life, passing away in 1962.

 Martha Ann Webb (md. Thomas Jefferson Bridges)
     Martha Ann was born on November 11, 1868 and married Thomas on January 3, 1888.  They had four children together.  She passed away on August 10, 1953, and Thomas on December 8, 1936.  They are both buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Lamar County, Texas.

 James S. Webb (md. ?)
     James was born on April 4, 1872 and died on September 25, 1900.  He is buried in the Clinton Cemetery in Greenville, Texas.  It is not known if he married.

 William David Webb (md. ?)
     William David Webb was born on April 8, 1873 and died on January 20, 1940, in Dallas, Texas.  It is not known if he married.

 Daniel Benjamin Webb (md. Mary Elizabeth Dorris)
     Daniel was born in February of 1874 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  He married Mary Elizabeth on May 22, 1895, and they lived in Dallas.  He died there on Aug 15, 1929, and Mary died there on September 21, 1962.  Daniel was buried in the Clinton Cemetery in Greenville, but Mary was buried in Grove Hill in Dallas.

 Mary Jane Webb (probably died young)
     Though we aren't sure, it seems as if Mary Jane died young.  She was born in 1877, but not listed in anything after the 1880 census.  In 1900 Mary McAnn Webb listed as having one child deceased, so this might be her.

 Molly Lou Webb (md. William Hiner Criswell)
     Molly was born October 27, 1877 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  She married William in Greenville, Texas on March 30, 1902, and they had three children together.  She passed away on January 20, 1954, in Anson, Texas.  William died March 21, 1959, in Anson.  They are buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery, Jones County, Texas.

 Shell Martin Webb (md. Della Lena Luke)
     Shell Martin Webb was born on October 22, 1879, in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  He married Della on March 11, 1906, in Indian Territory, Oklahoma.  They lived in Greenville, where he died on July 29, 1941.  Della died on August 22, 1959, in Houston.  Both were buried at the Clinton Cemetery in Greenville.  They had six children together, though two died in infancy.

 Fannie Webb (md. S.M. Milam)
     Fannie was born in March of 1884.  She married Mr. Milam in Hunt County on April 19, 1908.  But she did not have a long life, passing away on November 21, 1927.

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Photo of Mary McAnn Webb courtesy of Karen Hachman.  The photo was found at a north Texas flea market.  On the back was "Mary Smith McCann Webb, Grandmother Webb".