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Mary Ann Polly Webb Dawson (The photo to the right and below is said by Ruby Irvin to show Mary Ann "Polly" Webb Dawson on the right, and her family [probably a child and their spouse and two grandchildren]; Much of this information was obtained from Denise Gregory; the large photo of Mary was provided by Mr. Billie Franks of Clay, Itawamba County, MS)

Mary Ann "Polly" Webb was born in 1814 in Tennessee according to some census reports, but possibly in North Carolina.  She was the daughter of Hiram Webb and either wife Mary Rebecca Blalock or possibly a first wife of Hiram's (see Hiram's page for more information on this problem).  She lived much of her life in Northeast Mississippi and in Northwest Alabama, but Mary Ann died after 1880 (possibly after 1900) in Belton, Bell County, Texas.

Mary Ann married John Dawson on December 22, 1837 in Itawamba County, Mississippi.  John's parents are not known.  There seems to be a possiblity that David and Elizabeth Dawson may be John's parents but this is not proven and John may be related to Dread and Britton Dawson.

Mary Ann Polly Webb Dawson on the far right John was born in 1813 in Tennessee.   The couple had nine known children.  William was born in 1839 in Itawamba County, Mississippi.  Elizabeth Harriet was born in 1841.  Hiram Dawson, obviously named for his grandfather, was born in 1842.  In 1845, John Henry Dawson was born.  That same year Jane Dawson was supposedly born, though I don't know if they were twins or not.  Samuel Dawson was born in 1847.

The family was on the 1850 Monroe County, Mississippi, census, so they must have moved south just a little.  Elbert Dawson was then born in 1854.  In 1862, Rose Ellen Dawson was born and in 1864, finally, George F. Dawson was born (a full 25 years after his first sibiling!).

I am not sure where the family was in the 1860 census, but on the 1870 Bell County, Texas, census they show up. The last time they were seen was on the 1880 Belton, Bell County, Texas, census.

1880 Bell County, Texas census
Vol. 2. ED. 1. Sheet 54 Line 27.
Dawsonville Precinct no. 1.

                  John Dawson 67 Tn.
                  Polly Dawson 66 Tn.
                  Rose Ellen 18 Ms
                  Geo. F. 16 Ms.
                  Sam 30 Ms
                  Nancy 32 Tn.
                  John A. 11 ms.
                  Henry Clay 10 Ms.

Some of my info on this family was recieved by Denise Gregory from a Marye Tubbs Wiseman of Texas, who has the "Dr. Thomas papers."  Dr. Thomas was a researcher of the Webbs and a descendant of David Blalock Webb.  Dr. Thomas died, before his work could be published, in the 1950's.

Children of Mary Ann "Polly" Webb Dawson

William Dawson
          Last seen unmarried in Bell County, Texas.

Elizabeth Harriet Dawson Tuton Elizabeth Harriet Dawson (md. George Tooten/Tueton/Tuton)
          Some Tootens that intermarried in our Webb line lived in Lee County, MS, but I am not sure if this George is connected to one of them.  Elizabeth and George had the following children:  Eliza Eva Tooten, b. 1873; Rosa Ellen Tooten, b. 1876; Fanny C. Tooten, b. 1878; Tom Tooten in 1877; and Elouise Tooten in 1886.  They lived in Bell (married there), Concho, and Cameron Counties in Texas.  An exact date and place of death is not known for them.

Hyram Kerkindall Dawson (md. Dicy Emaline Lowery)
          Hiram Dawson had children named: Mary Ann Dawson, b. 1867; Montery/Monterey Dawson, born 1870; William Lewis Dawson, born 1872; Doke Anderson Dawson, born 1874; Elma Fay Dawson, born 1877.  I also have listed as a child (but not sure) a Sam Joseph Dawson, and a Susie Dawson.  Hyram died at the age of 76 in 1918 in Burnet, Burnet County, Texas.

John Henry Dawson (md. Nancy Ann Wacaster)
          John Henry Dawson had the following children: Mary Frances Dawson who died at one year of age; Della Dawson, born 1871; Early Dawson, born 1873; Ola Dawson, born 1874; Louella Dawson, born in 1876; Leona Dawson, born in 1878; Willie Alice Dawson was born in 1881; Henry Jackson Dawson in 1883; Katie Mertice Dawson in 1886; Bessie Lillian Dawson in 1888; Estelle Cordelia Dawson in 1891.  One child died in 1894, but it is unknown if it is one of these or another.  John Henry died in 1924 at the age of 78 in Belton, Bell County, Texas.

Jane Dawson Jane Dawson (md. Anderson Lowery and a Mr. Burr)
          Jane Dawson and Anderson Lowery had four known daughters:  Mary A. Lowery born ca. 1867, Savannah Lowery, born in 1868, Lucy Anne Lowery born March 12, 1871, and Sarah Jane Lowery, born in February of 1875.  When and where Jane passed away is unknown.  

Samuel John Dawson   (md. Nancy Jane Baldwin)
          Sam was born in July of 1845 in Monroe County, Mississippi.  He married Nancy on July 21, 1866 there.  He and Nancy had two children (known): John Anderson Dawson, born on June 30, 1867, and Henry Clay Dawson, born in September 1869.  There may have been more, we just don't know about them.

Elbert Dawson  (md. Cally Stroupe and Mary Jane ?)
          Elbert was born in 1854 in Monroe County, Mississippi.  He married Cally about 1876, and together they had John F. Dawson, born in 1877, William Dawson, born in 1879, and Minnie P. Dawson in 1883 .  He married Mary Jane ? in 1885 and had six mor children: Mamie M. Dawson, Melis V. Dawson, Lena M. Dawson, Colonel G. Dawson, Jack B. Dawson, and Montie R. Dawson.  Elbert passed away at the age of 76 in 1930, in Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas.  It is not known what happened to any of his other children.

Rose Ellen Dawson (md. G.F. Thomas and then a Mr. Peters)
          Rose Ellen "Rosa" Dawson was born in 1862.  She married G.F. Thomas in 1882 in Bell County, Texas and had a son, James L. Thomas in October of 1883.  She married Mr. Peters about 1887 and had a son, John W. Peters in June of 1888 and a daughter Marie K. Peters in December of 1890.  Nothing more is known about her or her children.
George F. Dawson (md. S. J. ?)
          He probably moved to Texas and seems to have had a son named Dock Dawson in 1898 and a son named Odie T. Dawson in 1902.  Nothing more is known about him.

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Photo of Mary Ann "Polly" Webb Dawson contributed by Mr. Billie Franks of Clay, Itawamba County, Mississippi.
Photo of Elizabeth Harriet Dawson Tuton from an original owned by Donna Delano.
Photo of Jane Dawson courtesy Sharon Rhoades.