Samuel W. Webb
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In 1833, shortly after the family had moved to Alabama, Hiram and Mary Rebecca had their last boy.  Samuel W. Webb must have grown up in Itawamba County, Mississippi, but we know little about him.  He would have been with Mary on the 1840 census and in 1850, he must have been listed with John Paschal, his new father in law.  His name may have been Samuel Worth Webb, but I am unable to confirm this middle name for certain.

At sometime between 1856 and 1860, he married a girl from Georgia.  Her name was Rhoda Arminta Chaney.  She was six years younger than him.  They were listed in 1860 as living in Marion County, Alabama. He lives in between Bolin Wilkerson and Elizabeth Ray. and Tillman Irvin and Lettie Webb. and close to David Ray and Susan Pickle, Ancel Pierce , Zachariah Tooten, and Hiram J. Webb.

1860 Marion County, Alabama Census
 HH# 515 - 297
 Saml. W. Webb 27 Farmer (230 value of land) Ms.
 Rhoder            21                                      Ga.

Later that year, Samuel and Rhoda had their only child, Nathan Z. Webb.  What happened after that is a mystery.  But by 1865, Rhoda remarries to John Curtis Cheney.  Nathan keeps Webb as his last name and lives with Rhoda and John after their marriage.  So what happened to Samuel?  It would seem quite probable that he died in the Civil War, being 31 at its outbreak and without having a large family or money.  Mandatory conscription laws would have made sure he enrolled in the Southern armies, but it is also possible that he fled north, or west.  He left his son with his wife, and either died or never came back.

Nathan grew up in Pontotoc County with Rhoda and John Cheney.  He married a lady who was more than a decade older than him and who already had two children.  They apparently never had children of their own. Thus Samuel's line dies out, unless he moved west and started a new life there.  We will probably never know more than that.  No records of his service in the Civil War have turned up either.

[Denise Gregory has informed me that our Samuel Webb supposedly also married a Cindy Chaney.  Recently Denise found a listing on Rootsweb where a Samuel Webb married Lavinia Chaney and a daughter was born to them in 1888.  It may be possible that this is our Samuel, but we don't know for sure now.]

Children of Samuel W. Webb

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