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Sarah Frances was the only girl and the last child born to Joseph Webb and Mariah Barbara Martin Webb.  She was born on January 3, 1844, in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  She never knew her father though, as he died two or three years after she was born.  Her mother had remarried by the time she was five, and then she had two younger half-sisters five and nine years younger than her. 

When she was almost fifteen years old, she married one of their neighbors, James Jasper McAnn.  He was six years older than her, born on December 20, 1837, in Lincoln County.  He was the son of Robert Gordon and Sarah Elizabeth Smith McAnn.  James and Sarah married on December 8, 1858. 

Their first child was born in 1859, a boy they named for her father, Joseph.  When the census came through in 1860, it recorded them this way:

1860 Lincoln County, Tennessee Census
Post Office: Pleasant Plains; Page 150b; Household #234
McAnn, J.J. 22 M Farmer Real Estate $1000, Personal Estate $3000 TN
McAnn, Sarah 15 F AL
McAnn, Joseph 6/12 months M TN

During the Civil War, James signed up with a Lincoln County C.S.A. unit, the "Liberty Guards".  They were company D of the 41st Tennessee Infantry and he was a Corporal from his first day to his last.  His service record may not be complete, but Confederate Muster Rolls for his unit only retained three of his muster rolls for the war:

1.  Company Muster Roll for Company D for Dec. 2, 1861 to Jan. 1, 1862. 
Enlisted Dec. 2, at Camp Trousdale by Col. McClure for 12 months. Present at this muster. Listed as 3rd Corporal.

2.  Company Muster Roll for Company D for Dec. 2, 1861 to Aug. 2, 1862.
Absent at this muster.  Remarks:  Left at Russellville, Ky, sick, Feb. 9, 1862.

3.  Company Muster Roll for Company D for Aug. 1, to Oct. 31, 1862. 
Absent at this muster.  Remarks:  Left at Russellville, Ky, sick, Feb. 9, 1862.

It is entirely possible that he came back to his family without leave to protect the homeplace, or that he was later granted permission to return, or that he was part of the home guard, but whatever happened to him, the official C.S.A. records do not say.

After the war was over, we have a record that in 1866, James was issued a liquor license along with B.B. Leatherwood.  But by the end of the year, he was in court for a lawsuit for damage from three different parties.  Those writs show that he had no property in Lincoln County at that time.

On the 1870 census, their son Joseph isn't listed, so it seems likely that he has passed away young.  They also had a daughter named Mary E. McAnn, and a son, John W. McAnn:

1870 Lincoln County, Tennessee Census
Post Office: Pleasant Plains; Page 434
McAnn, Jas J. 32 M W TN TN
McAnn, Sarah F. 25
McAnn, Mary E. 8 dau.
McAnn, John W. 6 son  [note-I think it is likely that Sarah's brother John had just died at this time when Sarah's own son was born, and that they named him John W. in memoriam of her brother.]

In 1871, James and Sarah decided to buy the land down in Madison County, Alabama, that John had lived on, and that Sarah had also grown up on for some of her young age.  The deed is abstracted here:

1871 - Madison County, Alabama Deed book QQ, page 491
Transfer of title deed, April 3, 1871
Robert S. Spragins and wife to James J. McAnn
For and in consideration of the promisary note delivered to R.S. Spragins where McAnn promised to pay them on the 25th of December, 1871, $180.00, the first part sells to McAnn the land he got by purchase from the sheriff on May 3, 1858, under execution of court order of sale in name of Reuben S. Wright against John W. Webb.  240 acres total.  [The land is the NW 1/4 of section 14 and the East half of SE 1/4 of section 15.]

This was a considerable purchase for the family.  They moved down to the property  and in 1880, the family was recorded this way:


James bought more adjoining land in 1888, 80 acres total, on the north and northwest sides of their property, and they tried their luck the next year, leasing some of their land out to a mineral resources company for a couple of years, but it is unknown how they fared. 

In 1900, the census recorded the family this way:

1900 Madison County, Alabama Census
Cluttsville Precinct; page 169b
James J. 63 b. Dec. 1837 TN md. 41 years
Sarah F. 56 b. Jan. 1844 AL 6 of 11 children still living
David B. Son 28 b. April 1872 TN

But it was not long before James would pass away.  We know that James died on November 2, 1900, supposedly in Lincoln County.  He was buried in the Blanche Cemetery in Lincoln County. 

In 1910, Sarah was living in Cluttsville with David, her son, and she is now 63. 

Sarah lived a long life, till July 27, 1924, when she died at her daughter's house in Toney, Madison County, Alabama.  She was buried in Blanche Cemetery also.

Children of Sarah Frances Webb McAnn and James Jasper McAnn

 Joseph R. McAnn (?)

 Alva Hugh McAnn (md. Alice Maude Crutcher)
Mary E. McAnn (md. )
John W. McAnn (md. )
B. R. McAnn (md. )
David B. McAnn (md. Mary E.)
Sarah R. "Sallie" McAnn (md.Macklyn Brice McLemore )

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