Dear Friends of



Dear Friends of

Historic Cemeteries of Nevada County, CA


Although I have many pictures that need to be taken at  various cemeteries, and of course posted to this site, I had a thought to share with you.

If you have an ancestor/relative whose gravestone/tombstone is shown on any of these 1600+ pages, I would love to have you share it with me.  My thought is to put a picture(s) beside the gravestone of the person listed.  Wow, what a site this would be!

If you can assist me by sending me, via snail mail, pony express, or the new fangled thing called e-mail a copy of your ancestor/relative we will be on the road to a better site.  I will be using primarily the face of the person.  In some cases, if the picture is such a classic, I may link to a special page on my site.

So, my friends, what do You think?