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Historic  Cemeteries of  Nevada  

County,  California


Ken Hoffman, Grass Valley Odd Fellow Cemetery Trustee, holds just two of many flags places at the graves of those who served their country.  The flags were burned by vandals between dark Sunday night and 5 A.M., Monday, Memorial Day, 2004.  Vandals also took fresh flowers from the graves and removed the large flags from the Hooper and Weaver Old Elm Ridge and New Elm Ridge Cemeteries on Cemetery Hill in Grass Valley, CA.  The remains of the burned flags  were gathered up and quickly replaced.

To read about the vandalism of 2001, on Cemetery Hill, Click here.



Fall in Nevada County, California


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Gravestone Cleaning

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Photographing Tombstones

French Corral Cem. Loney-Sanford Ranch Cem. Masonic Cem. G. V.

Masonic Cem. N. C.

Moore's Flat

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New Odd Fellows Cem.

Odd Fellows G. V. 

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Odd Fellows G. V.

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Odd Fellows G. V.

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Odd Fellows G. V

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Odd Fellows G. V.

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Odd Fellows N. C. Old Elm Ridge G. V. Old Grass Valley City
Old Pine Grove Cem. Old St. Patrick's Cem.   Pioneer Cemetery
Red Dog Cemetery Red Men's Cemetery Relief Hill Cemetery
Rough & Ready Cem. Saint Canice Cemetery Sweetland Cemetery
Truckee Cemetery Records Washington Township Cemetery You Bet Cemetery
Country Graveyard Dear Ancestor Eulogy of a Veteran
Graniteville Cemetery


New Elm Ridge Cemetery Plot Map



Yuba County

Greenwood Memorial Gardens

Non-endowment area

Lone Grave on Bald Mountain Weimer Tribe, Red Men
North Star Mine


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Vandals Deface Graves! North San Juan Protestant Cemetery


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    Maps to Rough & Ready and You Bet Cemeteries

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Did You Know?

In the churchyards of England, they used to have wooden markers called grave boards (pre 17th century). Also, at that time it was common practice to bury bodies in a shroud rather than a coffin.  apparently the sexton would bury bodies in a clockwise direction around the church until (after 10 or 20 years) they reached the spot where they first started.  By this time the wooden grave boards would have rotted away, there by indicating that the remains beneath had done the same and it was safe to reuse the plot.

Due to the lack of space in London cemeteries these days, plots are being leased for 50 or 30 years rather than in perpetuity, as has been the case in the past.



Autumn in Nevada City