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Hydraulic Mining in the town of You Bet, Nevada County, California, was flourishing between the years of 1932 & 1935.  Sadly, the foothills of the west side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, northeast of Sacramento, were being washed away, all for the sake of men trying to get rich from the gold that was being water blasted out of "them thar hills."  

Today, all that remains of the town of You Bet, is the You Bet Cemetery, and even that is not right at the spot where the town was once alive..  Surrounding the small cemetery are young trees and manzanita bushes, showing a rebirth of an area that was scrubbed by powerful hydraulic hoses.

The following pictures are tombstones that are still readable at the Historic You Bet Cemetery.  


Brady,   Brown,

Davidson,   Emerson,    Godin,

Kimball,   Melugin,     Minick,

Riggs,     Stuart,     Tucker,

Waggoner,    Welden,   UnknownEnd


No tombstones or plots were located for the following at You Bet Cemetery.  

Altburger, Gottlieb: Cause of Death: Old age

Cahill, Annie M.: Cause of Death: Typhoid

Cahill, Bernard

Cobb, Charles (Chinese): Cause of Death: Stillborn

Cook, Sarah E.: Cause of Death: Heart Disorder

Fravel, Nathan: Cause of Death: Paralysis

Gillice, Owen: Cause of Death: Consumption

Grass, Henry M.: Cause of Death: "Dierea"

McCauly, Thomas (McCauley): Cause of Death: Bank Cave

McNichols, John: Cause of Death: Shot

Mikelson, Theodor: Cause of Death: Bank Cave

Raising, George

White, David - of Firm Mason & White, Gen Merchandise of You Bet

Williams, Emiley: Cause of Death: Long illness.






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