New Odd Fellows

New Odd Fellows


Nevada City, Nevada County, CA



New Odd Fellows Cemetery

Nevada City, Nevada County, California



This is not classified as a historic cemetery.  It is included because I live nearby and had decided to photograph it one day in passing.  It is very plain, but clean.  Rather small in size, compared to the Historic Pine Grove Cemetery across the street,  there is no grass and just a few native trees.  As you will see, the tombstones are in good shape, but not pretentious.

The New Odd Fellows Cemetery is accessed via Hwy 20/49 to Broad Street in Nevada City.  Turn right off the off-ramp.  Follow Boulder Street to Red Dog Road as it veers to the right.  It is the second small cemetery on the left side of the road.


New Odd Fellows, Nevada City, CA



Name List


Adams,  Arbogast,  Baldwin,  Barnes,  Barnes 2,  Bertram,  Bray,  Brown, 

Cardinal, Carnes,  Christy,  Craig,  Davies,  Davies 2,  Davies 3,  Davis,  Davis,  

FooteFoote 2,  Gildersleeve,  Glidden,  Gwin,  JenkinKeller,  Keller 2

Lewis,  Linsday,  MacBride,  Marsh,  Mc Clellan,  MonfreMullis,  Netz,  

Oliver,  Orsel,  Paris,  Pascoe,  Penrose,  Peterson,  Pratti,  

Reynolds,  Rockholm,  Sept,  Tatman,  Thore,  TowleTownsend,  Townsend 2Treglown

Voight,  Walker,  Walker 2,  White,  White 2,  Willert,  Willert 2,  Williams Wolfe,  Wright

Yarborough,  ZanoccoEnd.





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