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One Hundred Years Ago - April 1900

April 1900

Heavy rains around the first then fair until stormy from the 20th on.

Tomorrow is payday at the mines and it's said the payrolls are at an all time high. If so, the streets will be lively.

In 37 states, a married woman has no legal right to her children; in 16 states she has no right to her own earnings; in eight no right to her own property and in seven there's no law requiring a man to support his family. In New York, women are forming a National Legislative League to pass laws giving justice to married women.

Company C of the National Guard will celebrate its 37th anniversary with a grand ball.

William Bigelow went to his daughter's house where her husband, C. Allen, attacked him. Bigelow shot Allen in the arm with his pistol.

Norris & Rowe presented their dog and pony show in the big tent on Grissel's lot.

F. Pedroni, a Grass Valley jeweler, committed suicide with a shotgun. It was said he was despondent over business affairs.

A 12-pound boy was born to the wife of C.F. Lowbecker.

The Harriss home on School Street is shrouded in sorrow over the death of their 16-month-old daughter, Loraine, killed in a fall.

Fuses in the telephone office burned out yesterday. Damage was minimal.

The Graniteville stage had an accident coming down Bloody Run. Coach and team rolled over the side, resting against a tree 100 feet below. The two horses are fine, but the coach is ruined.

Bernice, the 11-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bond of Lost Hill, died.

Stockholders declare the Narrow Gauge posted a $3,300 profit.

Orange Lewis, the old colored man who was a familiar face around Truckee, was found dead in his cabin.

Hailstones as large as walnuts pelted Rough and& Ready, killing small birds and damaging woodwork.

While using a corkscrew, W.D. Vinton received a painful wound in his palm.

A $1,300 bank certificate, made out to William Sherwood, crushed to death five years ago near Graniteville, was refused payment by the bank unless the certificate could be found. Sherwood's body was exhumed, and among the shards of clothing remnants the bank certificate was found.

Mayor Clinch proposes raising $10,000 to upgrade the reservoir and assure the city of pure water.

The poet, Joaquin Miller, will speak at the Methodist Church Thursday.

The Reverend Mr. Watson of Colfax was almost arrested in Sacramento - a case of mistaken identity involving a stolen coach.

Nevada County still tops all California counties in gold and silver production - almost $600,000 ahead of the runner-up, Tuolumne County.

The Graniteville telephone line is complete.

Rainfall to date - 53.82 inches. Last year, it was 35.10.

Four local men, J.A. Poigndestre, Jim Treadwell, Judge Lindley and Jo Snyder, missing the afternoon train from Nevada City, decided to walk to Grass Valley. After huffing and puffing for what they said seemed like weeks - it was about an hour - they hoved to the nearest bar and cornered many steins of refreshing liquid which breedeth rauctions and causes the intellect of man to make peregrinations into byways not frequented by those who would be at peace with all the world.

I. Hiscox and F. Clymo of the Delhi mine came down Sunday to visit their families in Sweetland.

Three train robbers - among them Burt Alvord, a former law-man - escaped from the Tombstone A.T. jail some weeks back. Yesterday the keys were returned to the sheriff by mail - courtesy of the escapees.

The Truckee hotel, a landmark, has burned to the ground with a loss of $30,000.

Wells-Fargo now has a telephone - 381.

Outhouses in an area bounded by Main, Mill, Church and Neal are declared public nuisances and must be filled within 15 days.

Many dogs are turning up dead - a sure sign of a dog poisoner about.


Thank you to The Union Newspaper, Grass Valley, CA for this publication.


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