Old Grass Valley





Old Grass Valley

City Cemetery



This section is considered the Old Grass Valley City Cemetery within the Elm Ridge Cemetery.

As you enter the cemetery grounds from Kidder Street, it is on the left.  To the right is the Masonic Cemetery and further down the little road is the Grass Valley Odd fellows Cemetery.

This is considered one of the Historic cemeteries.  The gravestones are old and many have been vandalized.  It is not nearly as crowded as the Masonic or Odd Fellows sections, in gravestones, that is.  As is with many of the old non-endowment cemeteries, many markers are missing.   The only record I know that remains for this one is a rice paper plat map held by Chapel of the Angels in Grass Valley.



The Old Grass Valley City Cemetery is across the road around the curve.  The section on the left of the photograph is a portion of the Odd Fellows.



Name List


Allen,  Andrew 2,  Andrew 3,  Andrew,  Andrews,  Angove,  AppletonAungerAver

Bennett,  Bowler,  Bree,  Bremer,  Brown,  Brown,   Browning,  BuismanBurley,  Bush,  Bush 2,  Butler,  Byrnes  

Caldwell,  Campbell,  Carson,  Carter,  Cholley,  Clayton,  Cole,  Collinson,  Cox,  Cracklin,  Crase,  Crase 2,  Crispin,  Curry,  Dale,  Danby,  DavidDeeble,  Deeble 2,  DeGolia,  Dickhouse,  DicksonDucotey

EddyFernando,  Floyd,  Francois,  Fowler,  Fowler 2,  Gale,  Gale,  George,  George 2,  Gilbert,  Gill,  Glise,  Green,  Gribble,  

Hadlemiller,  Halemiller,  Halemoller,  Halermoller,  HallHall 2,  Hamilton,  Hammill,   Harris,  Harris 2,  Harrison,  Haven,  Harvey,  Hensley,  Heywood,  Hicks,  Higgins,  Hill,  Hill 2,  Hooper,  HoskenHowe

Jackson,  James,  James 2,  James 3,  Jeffery,  Jenkin,  Jenkins,  Jennings,  Jewell, Joerschke,  Joerschke 2,  Johns,  Johns 2,  Johns 3,  Jones,  Jose,  Judkins,  

Keenan,  Kemp,  Key,  King,  King 2,  KinsmanKipper,  Kneebone,  Kunze,  Lady,  Laity,  Langdon,  Lawrence,  Lincoln,  Lloyd,  Loehr,  Loney,  Loney 2,  Luke

Marshall,  Martin,  McCauley,  Mc Coombe,  McDevitt,  Mc Donald,  McDonald,  McWain,   Merrifield,  Merrifield 2,  Minard,  Miners,  Mitchell,  Mitchell 2,  Mock,  Montgomery,  Moore,  Moorehouse,  Morrow,  Muse,  Nivens,  Norton  

Oden,  Ohsen,  Osborne,  Otte,  Ousley,  Paulsen,  Pearce,  Penhall,  Phillips,  Phillips,  Phillips 2,  Phillips 3, Pine,  Pine 2Polkinghorn,  

ReynoldsRoberts,  Roberts 2,  Roberts 3,  Rodda,  Rogers,  Rogers 2,  Ross,  Rossiter,  Rowe,  

Sale,  Salisbury,  Sauvee,  Sauvee 2,  Scandling,  Schneider,  Scoble,  Shaw,  Shea,  Simmons,  Snyder,  Southern,  Southern 2,  Strader,  Stevens,  Stevens 2,   Stevens 3,  Stocks,  Stocks 2,  Stuart,  Sutherland,  

Temby,  Temby 2,  Temby 3,  ThomasThomas 2,  Thomas 3,  Thompson,  Thompson 2,  Thomssen,  Tredinnick,  TreziseTyrell

Unknown,  Unknown,  Vickers,  Vincent,  Vincent 2,  Vivian,  Voss,  Wallace,  Wasley,  Waters,  Weldon,  Whitford,  Wilkerson,  Williams,  Williams 2,  Williams 3,  Williams 4,  Williams 5,  Williams 6,  Willis,  Wilson,  End.



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