Pine Grove Cemetery





Pine Grove Cemetery




Standing in the New Odd Fellows Cemetery in Nevada City, we look across the street at Historic Pine Grove Cemetery.  The street is Red Dog Road.  As you look at Pine Grove Cemetery, focus on the little road that accesses Red Dog Road.  The section on the right is Masonic and the section on the left is Odd Fellows.  Further back are general areas and an area for the indigent.

Pine Grove Cemetery is directly across the street from the New Odd Fellows Cemetery and Forest View Cemetery in Nevada City.  It is a large cemetery, covering 5 acres, with tombstones of every type.  Unfortunately, much vandalism has taken place.   The Boy Scouts and other members of the local Mormon Church meet once a year at Pine Grove Cemetery to clean it up and give a little dignity to the weathered tombstones.

When rich Gold deposits were discovered in Deer Creek, the area we now know as Nevada City, captured the name of Deer Creek Diggins and Deer Creek Dry Diggins.

At a public meeting, held in the spring of 1850, the townsfolk changed the name to Nevada.  However, in December of the same year, a Post Office was established and the name Nevada City was applied.




Once called the Teddy Bear Castle, this building near the top of Broad Street, Nevada City is now a Bed & Breakfast.  Note the street light.  All the street lights in Historic Nevada City are gas lights.






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