Smartsville Cemetery




Smartsville Cemetery

Yuba County, CA




Catholic Church of the

Immaculate Conception



Welcome to Smartsville Cemetery in Yuba County.  I have certainly broken away from the norm here in that I have reached across the western county line from Nevada County to Yuba County.  I get many requests from people seeking their ancestors in the Smartsville Cemetery.  Instead of driving to Smartsville for each request, I decided to go ahead and photograph the gravestones and put them here for all to see.

Good Luck in your search.






Name List

More on the way


Allread,  Beatty,  BuckleyBurke,  Burns

Cain,  CampbellConrath,  Conrath 2,  Conry,  Cooney,  Coopmann,  Conlin,  Conlin 2,  Creden,

Daly,  Dillon,   Dempsey,   Dennehy,  Divver,  Doubt,  Dougherty,  Dougherty 2,  Dougherty 3,  Dougherty 4,  DoyleEarly,

Flynn,  GalliganGrace,  Gruber,  Havey,  Holbrook,  Hughes

Johnson,  Johnson 2,  Kirby,  Le Boeuf,  LeeLeigh,  Looney

Mac Williams,  Magonigal,  Martein,  McCarty,  McCarty 2,  McCarty 3,  McNally,  McQuaid,  McQuaid 2, Mellarky,  Miller,  Miller 2,   Mills,  Mullin,  Murphy, 

Naglee,  Newbert,  Niles,  O'BrienO'Brien 2,  O'Brien,  O'Sullivan,  Quinkert

Pettit,  Pettit 2,  Rigby,  Rigby 2,  Rigby 3,  Silva

WalshWalsh 2,  WardWilliams

Standing across Hwy 20, at Smartsville, looking at the Smartsville Cemetery



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