St. Canice Cemetery

Nevada City, CA





At the top of Broad Street sits this well cared for Catholic cemetery.  To the right, as you face the gate, is Pioneer Cemetery.  This lovely cemetery has many more plots than I had imagined at first site.  Sadly, some time back, vandals sprayed stones crosses, etc.  Fortunately the caretakers were able to remove almost every trace of the vandalism.  I noticed a few signs of the destruction, but to a visitor not knowing what was damaged, they will only see the beauty of this final resting place of your ancestors.


Allen,  Bariletta,  BenuzziBenuzzi 2,  BuckleyBuckley 2,  

Campbell,  Carey,  CartoscelliCastelberry,  CoanCostaCoughlan,  Coughlan 2,  Coughlan 3,  Coughlan 4,  Coughlan 5,  Coughlan 6,  Coughlan 7

Dillon,  Dorsey,  Downing,  

Finane,  Finnegan,  Flewellen,  Flewellen 2,  Foley,  Foley 2,  Foley 3,  Fradelizio

Leahy,   Magelia,  Mc Clain,  McInerey,  Mc KeeMonk,  

Nevis,  Oliver,  Orzalli

Quigley,  Rogers,  Rose,   

Santinelli,  Santinelli 2Silva

Williams,  Williams 2,  Wolf


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