Tales of Time




Tales of Time





This is after the mature lichen had been removed.  At this point I took water, nothing added to it, and poured a small amount across the top.  The water did loosen some of the growth enough for me to continue with my little stick.  Keep in mind it does take a little work.  

Unfortunately, I was not well prepared. The water was an after-thought, so I used my drinking water.  Next time I will take a gallon of water.  Also, needed are paper towels or soft rags.



 It is looking better.  For the final results, Click here.

If you are planning on cleaning a gravestone, I highly recommend you visit the web site: The Association For Gravestone Studies.

The following is taken from The Association For Gravestone Studies.


REMEMBER:  The use of improper cleaning materials and practices can cause serious and irreparable damage to gravestones!  Make sure the stone is stable before attempting to clean it - no flaking, delaminating, etc.



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