Fisherville, Massachusetts
A section of South Grafton, Mass.
( Part of what is called South Grafton)

Polish History of South Grafton - Online Book

Grafton High School's Very good page on Fisherville

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The Fisherville School shown below was torn down and replaced by the new South Grafton Elementary School at  the exact same location. The cafeteria was located in the basement.

Fisherville School
From 1906, depicts the building
 as a 2-room school house;
1 room up, 1 down

Fisherville School
Photo from possibly the
1910 1930 era, shows 2 rooms added on to the left of the original structure,
1 more room up and 1 more down

(Photo courtesy of Jude Henault
 via Joe Kuras)

Fisherville School
  Depicts yet another addition to the front of the school,
2 rooms added downstairs, 2 more up