Grafton Great Robberies
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* Grafton Center Bank Robbery of 1870
Link goes to a Grafton school site

* North Grafton Post Office Robbery of 1898
Four Brave North Grafton Men Fought Six Burglars. Twenty-Five Shots Exchange and One of the Crooks Killed. Thomas McGrath, a Michigan Desperado, and Lawrence Day, a Boston safe Blower, Captured at Points of Revolvers in the Post Office After an Exciting Fusilade.
Boston Daily Globe Boston, Mass.:Nov 8, 1898.  p. 1 (2 pp.)

* North Grafton PO Robbery-Full Worcester Paper Article of 1898

* North Grafton PO Robbery-Full Boston Globe Article of 1898  (pdf file)

* Grafton Ice Cream Store Robbery of 2003

* Grafton Credit Union Robbery of 2005