Ah, Wilderness! 1935 Movie Filmed in Grafton Massachusetts  

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Ah, Wilderness
The 1935 Movie Filmed in Grafton

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Actors: Lionel Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Eric Linden, Aline MacMahon, Mickey Rooney
Running Time: 101 minutes 
Year Released: 1935 
This movie included footage of the Grafton Common including the newly built bandstand.
Many of the townspeople were used as extras. See news clipping below. 

Playwright Eugene O'Neill's only comedy, Ah, Wilderness! was filmed by MGM in 1935. Impressionable turn-of-the-century lad Eric Linden, whose knowledge of the ways of the world has come from French novels, is anxious to taste life to the fullest. Linden's father Lionel Barrymore sternly advises the boy to be good and be careful, while Barrymore's shiftless, bibulous brother-in-law Wallace Beery (replacing MGM's first choice, W. C. Fields) encourages Linden to get out. After a frightening encounter with lady of the evening Helen Flint (a surprisingly frank characterization for a Production Code film), Linden runs home, nursing a monster hangover the next day. The boy eventually accepts the sedate affections of his childhood sweetheart Jean Parker, while a chastened Beery promises to mend his ways--and Barrymore decides to be more of a father and less of an autocrat to his son. Ah, Wilderness would be musicalized (and bowdlerized) by MGM as the 1947 film Summer Holiday.
- Hal Erickson, All-Movie Guide 

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Additional info:
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:39:58 EDT
In the article that lists the Grafton people who appeared in the movie "Ah Wilderness!" the name of Abby's father, Horace S. "Hod" Warren should have been there. He was Wallace Beery's stand in and is seen from the back operating a horse drawn beer wagon.
Keep up the good work.
Bob & Abby McInnis

I sent a copy of the Ah Wilderness video to my uncles Gordon CLARK & Ted CLARK. They were extras in the movie. I asked them if they recognized anyone on the video. Remember it was 1935 !
Gordon said Henry Ainsworth , a teen of about 14 then, was burned during the fireworks scene and taken to the hospital via an ambulance during the shooting. It seems he had a pocket full of roman candles that went off! It was in front of house in North Street with pillars next to Johnstons house at the time.
Both Gordon & Ted said they did not see themselves, so must have ended up on the cutting room floor. 
-Dick Bolt