Historical Town of Grafton Documents

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Historical Town Documents

Purchase of land from Indians


HassanamiscoDeedIndex.jpg (169144 bytes) Index of Deeds
Shows first land purchases of "Hassanamisco" from Indians
Copies of the deeds are said to be on deposit at the Massachusetts Archives.
Source: Suffolk County Registry of Deeds, Boston (Index Book 10, Page 92)

1719 Johnson Book  34,   Page 124
1722 Farwell Book  36,  Page 48
1725 Flynt Book  39,   Page 2
1728 Watson Book  42,  Page 206
1729 Flint/Flynt Book  44,  Page 35


The treaty and exact copy of original deed in which the"40 Petitioners" purchased 7500 acres called Hassanamisco from the Indian natives in 1727 for 2500 Pounds.
8 years later in 1735 this land was incorporated as Grafton.
Source: "History of Grafton"

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Page 36/37
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Page 38/39
GraftonTreatyPg5and6.jpg (144162 bytes)
Page 40/41

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Page 42/43



Town Incorporation Document
Chapter 20 of the Acts of 1734-1735

Photograph of the ACTUAL DOCUMENT
The curator of the Massachusetts Archives in Boston (where it is on deposit)
allowed us to photograph it for this website in July 2000.
It is on animal skin, folded and about 6 inches wide by over 2 feet long when opened.

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Photo of document

GraftonIncSeal.jpg (134288 bytes)
Detail of embossed seal at top
(Greatly Enlarged)
Also illegible on document

Below are detailed views
of the photograph at left.
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The Naming of the Town

Until 1732 the incorporators would typically choose a name, but after that time an incorporation would pass in blank, to be named by the governor.
Governor Belcher chose "
Grafton" after Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton

DukeOfGrafton.jpg (19911 bytes)
Charles Fitzroy

Charles Fitzroy Biography
( It is NOT what you're expecting to read )



Guardians of Indians
Lists of accounts and correspondence

From the Massachusetts Archives - 2 pages found that pertain to Grafton

GraftonArchivesPg1.jpg (325140 bytes)
Page 1

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Page 2