Grafton, Massachusetts Fire Department (GFD)

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Grafton Fire Department
Grafton, Massachusetts

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The helmet in the background belonged to Captain Gilbert Clark
(It became the shade of a "hose nozzle" table lamp given to him upon retirement)

GFDLadder1.jpg (165333 bytes) Ladder 1 in front of the Grafton Center Station

graftonfiredeptold.jpg (207300 bytes) Grafton Fire Department in the forties?

graftonfiredept.jpg (107469 bytes) Grafton Fire Department

graftonfiredept2.jpg (140372 bytes) Grafton Fire Department


Comments from Mike Murphy:

Grafton had 3 Hand Tubs. All were purchased in 1852.
The Emperor, which was in New England Village. (North Grafton)
The Rescue, which was in Grafton Center.
The Blackstone, which was in Fisherville. (South Grafton)
The only original Fire Station that is standing is the one in South Grafton.
The Federal Government spent over $60,000.00 restoring the station. I don't
believe the restoration is complete. All three of the tubs were  sold in the
20s'-30's to a collector. The Emperor was purchased by Charlie Bolack
and it is in his trust. The Rescue has not been touched as far as any type of
restoration goes. The Blackstone is in a private collection in Phoenix, AZ.
The Emperor received a paint job and does not work.  I believe the
Blackstone is fully functional.  The Rescue is by far the most ornate
of all three of the tubs. This was do to the fact that it was Grafton Center
and it was where all the money was in Town so the Firefighters spent some on
making it look good. The first Board of Fire Engineers which where the Chiefs
were the Mill Owners. None of the Tubs have pumped water in over 75 years.
I do have photos of the original horse drawn ladder truck. I was a member of
Ladder 1 also for 17 years.  If you need help with photos of the rigs feel free
to ask.  I would love to get a restoration of the Tub from the Center.  I had
people lined up to do it but it was stalled.

The "Emperor"
(photo courtesy of Don Clark)
1800'sfrom GFD.jpg (17690 bytes)
Is this "The Emperor" also?
(photo courtesy of the Grafton Fire Dept)


1900'sfromGFD.jpg (36547 bytes)
Old Fire trucks parked in front of library (photo courtesy of the Grafton Fire Dept)

GraftonAerialLadder.JPG (91637 bytes) 1965 American LaFrance Aerial Ladder Truck - when new

GraftonLadderTruck.jpg (35473 bytes) 1965 American LaFrance Aerial Ladder Truck - when new

GraftonFDDianiBoninRetire.jpg (38182 bytes) Retirement testimonial for Charlie Diani and Roland Bonin

GraftonOakStFire.jpg (134503 bytes) Oak St.Apartment building fire (year unknown)

sgraftonmillfire99.jpg (11891 bytes) Fisherville Mill Fire 1999

GraftonAveryHouseExplosion1954.jpg (76271 bytes) 1954 Gas Explosion of Avery House on Providence Road
I took these photos with my Brownie camera. I think it was summer vacation. I heard the BOOM & rode bike (took camera) to what was left of house on Providence Road. I think it was just after lake area going toward S. Grafton. A backhoe hit a gas line while digging in yard!
House was owned or lived in by Avery. -Dick