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The 79 different family genealogies in the 'History of Grafton" book of 1879 are marked here with * in front of the name.

Grafton Vitals ( Births, Marriages & Deaths)
can be had via Grafton Town Clerk's Office

Abbott family Grafton's veterinarian from 1950's-80's.

* Adams

* Aldrich

* Allen

* Andrews

Arnold, Ernest

Atchue, Henry W.

* Axtell Axtell Family Home Page
  Axtell/Hayden family of Grafton & 1762 indenture document to Grafton Selectmen

* Baker

 Balcom Family Letters from Civil War

* Barnard

* Batcheller

* Bigelow

Bolt family of Carroll Rd in Grafton 1946-1955 (Owned house from 1938) Mrs. Bolt was a CLARK !
* Bowman

Bourcier Family

*BRIGHAM family of Grafton   Vitals: Births | Marriages | Deaths
       Genealogy Sources:
  a.)The History of the Brigham Family by W.I. Tyler
  b.)Brigham, Grafton Press, New York 1907
  c.)The History of the Brigham Family, second volume, by Emma Elizabeth Brigham published by The Tuttle Co. Rutland, VT in 1927

* Brimblecom

 Brocklebank  Family of North Grafton

* Brooks

* Browne

* Bruce

Burke family of Grafton

Buxton family of Grafton  |  Vitals  |  Buxton Genealogy Page

Campanale Lived on hill off of Upton Road

Carroll Solomon of Carroll Road! See home location on 1831 map.

* Child family

Cisco Sarah -See Indians of Grafton section.
     Cisco member on line in Virginia. Long house care taker!


*Clark family of Grafton Large file-1854 to present (North St. & farm district)
    Clark genealogy page -Descendants of Hugh Clark



* Cutler

Darling Kids were in class of 57 & 59?

Dodge Photo Archives

* Drury

* Elliot

Faber, Francis

* Farnum

Faulkner Twins Helen and Evelyn graduation in 1925, Grafton High.

* Fay

* Fisk

* Flagg


* Fletcher

*Forbush (as in Shoe Co.)

French family of Grafton  |  Vitals

Gannon The Evening Gazette, Worcester, MA, Tuesday, May 8, 1945
North Grafton, May 8--Mrs. Harold Gannon of 13 Ray street was notified by 
the Navy Department her son, Jack A. Gannon, GM 3-c, was wounded in the 
Adriatic area Apr. 2. He enlisted in the Navy on his 17th birthday and 
has been in the service three years, most of the time overseas. He 
received his basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He 
was a freshman at Grafton High School when he enlisted.

Gaudette (& Gaudette Insurance Agency)

* Goddard

* Goodale

*Goulding family of Grafton area  |  Vitals  |  more on Grafton Gouldings

* Greenwood

* Grout


* Hall

* Hammond

* Harrington

Hayden family of Grafton

Henault Armand Henault moved to Saundersville in the 20's to work with the rest of his family in the mills. He was a volunteer firefighter in South Grafton for many years. His children, Judith, Patricia, Armand and Deborah are all GHS graduates. His parents, Cyrille and Clara were French Canadien as were many of the mill workers. He was also an active member of the VFW having served in the Navy during WWII.
-Info courtesy of Judith Henault

* Heywood

Holt family of Grafton & Maine

* Holbrook

* Howe

Hull, Samuel

Ide, Harold -Son Reginald was class of 1957. They ran the cider mill.

Ingerson family John W., daughter Eleanor & Ida Pratt Ingerson (wife).
     She was Eleanor Holt Ingerson, born April 8, 1906.

Jordan  George Jordan, John"Barney"in WWII uniform, Jordans Garage
also Jordans of Grafton

* Keith As in Keith Hill in Grafton   Irving Clayton Keith WWI Vet

* Kimball

* Kingsbury

Knowlton Family Knowlton Dairy of Farm District & connected to Ingerson family

Laravee (sp?) of Carroll Road -Member of family is online

* Leland Caleb Leland - 1787 discharge paper

* Leathe

    Lindblad & Linblad--One member from Grafton was in the Spanish American War in Philippines

Mainini, Rudolf - Daughter Marina was in class of 1957, may have moved before class graduation



McEvoy George of North Street family moved to Booth Bay Harbor, ME. George Jr. is still connected to the RR Museum in Booth Bay Harbor he started.
Family also played a major part ($) in Willard house restoration yrs. ago.

* Merriam

* Miles

* Morse  See this Manning page also


Nash  Family also of Upton and Westborough - Vital Records


Norris Arthur - Family of Carroll Road. Photos for Mrs.Norris in school section.

Packard,Samuel--Family manufacturing leather & wood working tools. Son Joel also in business in late 1800s.

Pichette Lived on road to Westboro from Grafton Ctr. in 1952-1955 period.
Dau. Carol was in class of 58 or 59?

* Peirce

* Pierce (another but spelled differently)

* Phillips

Pond Eldon and Henrietta, lived on Oak St. - had children Susan and Dexter.
Henrietta Pond sister to Mrs. Roger Robinson and Ralph Decrow

Pond, Warren

*Pratt family    Vitals: Births | Marriages & Deaths    Also see the Manning page

*Prentice family Vitals: Births  |  Marriages   |  Deaths
   Sarah & Solomon Prentice "Grafton News" Article (3/2000)

* Putnam

Quillium family of Carroll Road

* Rawson

* Reed

* Rice

* Robbins

* Roberts

Robinson   Mrs. Roger Robinson sister to Henrietta Pond and Ralph Decrow

* Rosborough

* Sherman

* Sibley

Sinclair family of Grafton

* Slocomb

* Smith

Somerville of Carroll Rd. Slim Somerville's Garage was on Worcester St. across from Lake Ripple. His kids were Mason, Maida & Marion. He also sold Rototillers with Joseph Bolt. He sold Henry J. Kaiser cars there in 50s. Mrs. Somerville & kids ran the first soft ice cream store in town in a WWII surplus Quonset hut. It was also across the street from Lake Ripple. Their house & land was at the current location of Perreault's Nursery. Mason is/was the Dean of the Engineering School at North Arizona University.Homepage for Mason Harold Somerville | Interim Provost

*Southwick family

* Stearnes

Stidsen of farm district in 1950s. Karen in class of 57

* Stone family of North Street. Judy was in class of 57

Stowe & Warren family genealogy information
    Another's page on genealogy related to Grafton families in the 1700s.

*Stowe family of Grafton


* Tainter

Tebo Ken & Larry in Class of 57.

* Thurston

* Turner

Usher  Gary moved to Westboro, would have been in class of 57.
                Became famous songwriter in CA.

* Wadsworth

* Ward -3 brothers in WWII

* Warren See also Axtell family.

Wetherbee Family of Carroll Road -Ethel & Bud. Son Otis was in class of 56.          Naomi in class of 58 and wife of Dick ? that was Grafton school superintendent        for many years until about 96?

* Wheeler

*Wheelock, Jerome - His large statue is at the top of the common, near library.

* Whipple

* White

* Whitney They ran ice house in town in 1950s. Daughter Nancy was in class of 56? 

* Willard Famous clockmakers from Grafton

Whiting, William

* Wing

* Wood

Zarynoff of Carroll Rd. - Count Zarynoff, professional wrestler/Worcester bar owner from Ukraine. Two sons were Paul & Sergay.