Old Grafton School Photos and Information - Grafton, Massachusetts
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Old School Photos and Info.


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High School

graftongrange.jpg (65764 bytes)
First High School
Located near the top of the hill on Worcester St.
Was also formerly the "Grafton Grange" and later Rosetti's Pharmacy.


Second High School
Photo of the 2nd High School located half way down Worcester Street hill. 
Built about 1850 and purchased by the town in 1867. It became the new high school and used as the high school until 1952. Was later called "Norcross Annex" (an elementary school) and used for Grades 3-5? At that time had to walk to cafeteria located in basement of town hall for lunch. Was torn down around 1980. 

Comment from Holly Clark Miller:
In the school year 53-54, the building was empty except for 2 sixth grade classes which used 2 first floor rooms. It was the Class of 1960 who had been at Norcross from Grs. 1 through 5 who were lucky enough to have this interesting experience. The following year, we went to the new junior/senior high school. 

graftonhighclass1953.jpg (116475 bytes)
Grafton Jr.-Sr. High School
Replaced the Second High school in 1952.
It is located on Brigham Hill Rd. and housed grades 7-12. During the early to mid 1960's it housed grades 7-9 only. During a period of overcrowding double sessions were held there, with grades 10-12 in the newly opened "Grafton Memorial Senior High" building.
Now, has grades 4 & 5 only on the second floor. The first floor holds the town Municipal Offices, formerly located in the Town Hall (red brick building next to the common.)


1950's  GHS Faculty/Subject/Room Assignments

GHSTeacherAssignment.jpg (122718 bytes) Jr.-Sr. High School Faculty 

GHS1953TeacherAssignments.jpg (163887 bytes) Jr.-Sr. High School Faculty 1953? 


Grafton High School Class of:

(Also see Reunions/Alumni page for locating GHS classmates)

____What Yr Did GHS Start ???___

1908 Only partial listing so far. All that was in Grafton Town Report for year. 


1911 Grafton High Players in 1911 skit
Players are: John Larmour, George Brooks, Harold Hawes, Norman Prout, Hermon Davison, Ruth Caldwell, Ellen Wacker, and Mildred Buxton (2nd from left) 


1924 Faulkner Twins class photo 


1926 Click here for extensive collection of photographs of this class.

1927-1929=? No Info

1930 Partial class listing 





1940Webpage for Class of 1940 - Class pictures/Yearbook/Reunion group pictures

1942 Graduates Listing 
Class reunion in 1992 of 1942 class-Newspaper article & photo


1944 Class of 44 in 1940 Basketball Team at Norcross?





1949 Graduates Listing 


1951 (48 yr. reunion in 1999) 

1952 Listing of all members & any info on them known 

1953 Listing of graduates & group photo 


1955 Listing of all members & any info on them known 

Listing of all members & any info on them known. Norcross 8th Grade Class of ----Norcross Grammar School Grade 8 ( Last Grade 8)  in 1952-Future Grafton Center part of GHS56
GHS56 Class Reunion of 2001 ( 45th) Photo
Class of 56 is planning a 50th reunion in 2006-Contact the Bull family.

Includes class member info | 43 Year Reunion Webpage (Held July 2000) 
Class Reunion of October 2002--45th
Class Reunion of 2007-- 50th

1958  Reunion was in 2004, no details yet!

1959  Grafton School Photos By Others
No class list as of yet, but Classmates.com has at least 8 alumni checked in! At least one photo in site shown here has some of the S Grafton kids of St. James of GHS59.
I have info on Judy Weatherbee that left the class in 54.

1960 Class List  |  Webpage for Class of 1960
Grafton School Class Photos by Others




1966 (in Grade 1) Photo Courtesy of Dorothy Abbott
Additions from Shirley Whipple (class of 1966): 
Middle Row: after Karen Abbott is Linda Cardin, Beverly Barrow is the girl in the middle between Linda Cardin and Janice Harvie, that is two over from Linda and two over from Janice. Bottom Row:  The first person is Peter Hollis (whose brother David was in the other first grade class with me), after Ricky Gaudette is Francis (Panky) Goulet, then Russell Clark, Kenny Corey after Alan Frey, I don't know who is on the other side of Kenny Corey. There are two kids who were in first grade that I thought were in Mrs. Gordon's class but who are not in the picture.  They are Stephen Goodspeed and Betty Adams.
I don't have a picture of my first grade class. We were in Norcross School next door to Mrs. Gordon's class. My first grade class had a teacher, Miss Lund, who left in the middle of the school year and things were a little unstable (in my opinion) for us after that.  We were taught by substitutes until we finally got Mrs. Glenn Nichols (Gordon Nichols' mother) who finished out the year for us.  When I saw this picture, I was reminded about that class, so I have attempted to compile a list from memory.  I know I have left people out since Mrs. Gordon has 29 children in the picture of her class. Girls:  Gail Rossiter, Ilva Quilliam, Jane Wiegersma, Sandra Clapp, Linda Whitney, Margaret Nichols, Debbie Sinclair, Joanne Kowski, Shirley Whipple, Carol LanyonBoys:  David Hollis, Douglas Langdon, Gary Norton, Chuck Reardon, Dennis Pye, Mitchell Sthika, Franklin Wyman, George Plude, Thomas Dottin, Mark Turrell, Jimmy Stoll


1968 Picture of Class members at 30th Reunion held 1998 

1969 Class List  |  Webpage for Class of 1969

1970 Webpage for Class of 1970

1971 A link to pictures of 25th reunion (courtesy of Joe Kuras) 

1974 Graduates Listing 


1991 ---Class Group Photo & Class Name Listing


1999 (Only A-G listings) 



Elementary School Photos and Information

Separate pages for:

Town of Grafton, MA, Grade 1 in 1899

Norcross Grammar School Grades 7 & 8 in 1921 (Future GHS Class of 1926)

Norcross Grammar School Grade 2 in 1955-56

Norcross Grammar School Grade 8 ( Last Grade 8)  in 1952

norcross3or4thgrade.jpg (49658 bytes)Norcross Grade 3 or 4 - about 1916?
Teacher: Ester B. Puine of Norwood MA
Top Row
Walter Olman, John Whitney, Algott Swenson, Graydon Stockwell, Ara An?cisn?, John Farnum, Henry Tessier, Irving Mitiolson ?( Nicholson ?)
Bottom Row - Alice Stiles, Catharine Ford, Mildred Wsay ?, DorothyPhilliyrs ( Phillips), Mary Hartness, Sarah Foshay, Hazel Ide, Dorothy Clark

Norcross Grammar School
Was on North Street, it's now just a kids playground. Old driveway curbstones still visible at location of old driveway. The neighbor's apple tree was just over the fence seen to the right of photo. The playground was out of sight of photo and to the left. There was a baseball field & rotating giant playwheel in 40s-50s. 

norcrossschool.jpg (45850 bytes)Another Scene of Norcross School

farmsoldschooldistrict1895.jpg (65064 bytes)Old Farm District School in 1895
First Row-3 shown
Walter Buxton- 11 in 1st row
Carl Flagg 9 in 1st row middle
Charlie Wynott 8 Front Row 1st
Second Row-6 shown (if you include Buxton in very dark dress with hat)
Clara Buxton 8 Left in dark dress (hat)--
John Gammon 9 ( back of Clara Buxton) white shirt
Nellie Atchue--End of 2nd row, white dress
Walter Henry (blond)--3rd from right ?
Lewis Henry-bro. of Walter
Harold Rice
Back Row- 4 shown
Celia Gammon & Nomie Gammon ( Gannon ?) sisters in back Row
Claire Lougee--  married John Gannon (later) 2nd row dark dress
Charlie Whitney

christmas1903.jpg (58625 bytes)Christmas 1903 at Baptist Sunday School
Photo was property of Mildred (Buxton) Cheever of Grafton. It was from SS teacher Lillian Goddard. See Nellie Howe on left. Mildred Buxton in front of her. Vivian (Cutler) Pratt 4th (2nd row from bottom). Also in picture is Marion Brown & Edith Brown, but which ones are unknown! Sorry, but that is all known. It is likely the Grafton Center Baptist church. 

norcrossdot.jpg (82857 bytes)Norcross School - about 1912? 2nd graders?

South Grafton Schools

The Fisherville School shown below was torn down and replaced by the new South Grafton Elementary School at  the exact same location. The cafeteria was located in the basement.

Fisherville School
From 1906, depicts the building
 as a 2-room school house;
1 room up, 1 down

Fisherville School
Photo from possibly the
1910 1930 era, shows 2 rooms added on to the left of the original structure,
1 more room up and 1 more down

(Photo courtesy of Jude Henault
 via Joe Kuras)

Fisherville School
  Depicts yet another addition to the front of the school,
2 rooms added downstairs, 2 more up

grafton1911diploma.JPG (160362 bytes)1911 Grafton High School Diploma