Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Grafton MA

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Girl Scouts
of Grafton, MA

GraftonFirstGirlScouts.JPG (134088 bytes) Grafton's First Girl Scout Troop
Large Photo at top: taken 1920 or 1921 before uniforms issued.
Taken at Norcross School Yard on North St. Troop leader was Miss Mary Riggs

Emily Prescott
Marjorie (Stowe) McCaskill
Dorothy M. (Jordan) Fields
Myrtle Mortimer
Dorothy (Clark) Bolt
Marguretha (Schwind) Barber

Smaller Photo at bottom: taken 1922 after uniforms were obtained.
Madge Taylor was substituting for Mary Riggs who was the regular leader.

Emily Prescott
Dorothy Clark
Evelyn Wray
Florence Goulet
Madge Taylor
Margaretta Schwind
Myrtle Mortimer
Elizabeth Prescott
Marjorie Stowe

graftongirlscouts1924.jpg (266924 bytes) Grafton Girl Scouts 1924


Boy Scouts
of Grafton, MA

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Grafton Boy Scouts during the 1950's