Soldiers of Grafton, Massachusetts  

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Grafton Soldiers

  • French & Indian War

  • See book "History of Grafton" original printed 1879 (reprinted 1985)
  • Revolutionary War

  • Town Plaques here, also data in Grafton History Book.

    American Civil War
    Martin T. Hildreth
    Jonathan P. Stowe
    Balcom Family Civil War Letters

    Roster of names that served from Grafton in the Civil War

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    Page 132 & 133
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    Page 134 & 135
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    Page 136 & 137
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    Page 138 & 139
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    Page 140 & 141
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    Page 142 & 143
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    Page 144 & 145
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    Photos of plaques located in the Grafton Municipal Center
    (Reflection from flash on many of these. May try different lighting method.)

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Plaque #1
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Plaque #2
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Plaque #3
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Plaque #4
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Plaque #5
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Plaque #6
More reading on the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War

    Spanish American War (1898-1902)
    Includes Philippines & China service
spanish1.jpg (45184 bytes) Spanish American War Plaque

  • World War I

  • Grafton World War I Page
    We need someone to research this. Somewhere in Grafton, this list should exist! Currently there's only one or two listed from newsclippings.
  • World War II

  • Grafton World War II Vets There's approx. 960, plus 18 that died in the war = approx. 978 total Grafton WWII vets. The raw data needs work before it can be put up here! First list typed is only about 80% complete, but here is what we have.
WWII Soldiers in uniform & any other data on them
Henry W. Atchue
Said to be the first from Grafton to be overseas for WWII. Decorated B17 Flying Fortress side gunner

William F. Dohlus
WWII Veteran from South Grafton. Died in Japanese attack on submarine in 1943

William Bradford - (The following is from his stepson...)
Enlisted U.S.ARMY c.1936 w/ pre-war duty in the Panama Canal Zone. WW2 in 77th Infantry Division, Signal Co.. In Cebu Island, Philippines @ wars end & Occupation Duty in Sapporo, Japan till discharge. Attained rank of Tech. Sergeant. Past Commander of American Legion Post in No. Grafton in 1950's. Deceased 9/21/99 @ age 87 in Westborough. Perhaps this info. will inspire Grafton residents & expatriots to send in vet's info. I believe these vets should receive recognition/honor for their participation in this great event, especially since with the rush of time, they are dying off at a quickening rate. Regards, Marshall

Ward Family from North Grafton-3 Brothers in WWII

  • Korean War

  • Korean War Vets List of names
    Two additions by Abbott family member:
    Dr. George Abbott (USAF Capt.1951-1953) Robert M. Abbott (US Navy)
  • Vietnam War

  • Vietnam War Vets (List of names)
We have been in contact with the Grafton Veterans Services Department at (508)839-8515. Mr. Richard Perron (Veterans Agent for the Town of Grafton) has been very helpful in providing information. The WWII vets from Grafton are on a list that is being typed before going up here. The WWII list does contain those that died during the war while in service.