Various team photos- Grafton, Massachusetts
Last Edited 8-09-05
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Various Old Sports Team & Player Photos


Grafton 1908 Football Team
GHS Team?

1939 Football team
(First one since 1913)

Names on back
(also listed below)
Photo and description courtesy of Gordon Larrivee

Front Row - Left to right:
 Eugene Yarrington - Guard, Norman Perrault - Center, Norman Wood Guard, Stanley Krula - Center, James Baker - Center, Charles Mercik - Tackle, Raymond Lemaire - Guard, Donald Goulet - End, 
(2nd row) John Kennedy - Back, Armand Bellifielle - Guard, Mathew Smith - Guard, George Jordan jr. - Back, Francis Laflamme - End, Kenneth Larrivee - Guard, Francis Ayers - Tackle, George Brooks jr. -End
(3rd row) Rex Baxendale - Back, Frank Tamasumas - End, Donald Allison - Back, Armand Pelletier - Guard, Kenneth Belsito - End, Arthur Atchue - Back, Francis Melanson - End, Capt. Gordon Troy - Back,
(4th row) William Pong - Back, Chester Benoit - Sub, Henry D Ainsworth jr. - Sub, Robert Weymouth - Center, George Prentice - Back, Raymond Johnson - Sub,
(top row) Kenneth Smith - Medicine Man, Frank Jordan - Assistant Coach, Superintendent of Schools Robert Barclay - Coach, John Bailey - Water Boy,  George Jordan - Head sponsor of the team, Eugene N Yarrington - Coach, George Bickford - Properties, and Gerald Herbert - Mascot,

First High school football team at Grafton High since 1913

Results of Games 1939
Auburn 14 - Grafton 0
Leicester 0 - Grafton 0
Southbridge 27 - Grafton 0
Millbury 19 - Grafton 0

Candlepin Bowling

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Wuskanut League Champs 1934 to 1935
Photo and description courtesy of Barry Merrill

Front row, L to R:
Joseph "Ted" Greenwood, Dennis "Den" King, Mestrain "Mesty" Langelier
Back row:
Harry "Cap" Boutiette, Harry "The Boss" Daw, Urban "Bobo" Leduke and Charles "Chuck" Wiles.


Grafton born or lived Professional Baseball Players

Unknown South Grafton Baseball Team
Photo and description courtesy of Barry Merrill
"Fisherville baseball team from about 1910-1915
(my grandfather was the bat boy but I don't have names for the others)
"In looking at this photo I think that the man in the suit with the baseball team is Harry Daw.

GraftonBball1.JPG (49188 bytes)
GHS baseball team article -1923

GraftonBaseball1926.JPG (63115 bytes)
"Young Fisherville Foxes" baseball team article -1926

GraftonBaseball2.JPG (93632 bytes)
Fisher Mfg. AA  baseball team photo -1926

Grafton_LL_Champs_1962_wNames.jpg (204787 bytes)
Little League Champions - 1962
(Courtesy of the Bernier Family)

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