Lake Ripple in Grafton, Massachusetts

Lake Ripple
Grafton, MA


Lake Ripple First Ice - January 2002
Panorama from Rt.122/140
(Note all the skaters in the cove to left)


Lake Ripple - January 2002
360 degree Panorama from middle of lake


Taft Book Cover "Tales of Taft" Cover

Lake Ripple History -By Norman Mortimer Taft
(A small portion of his book)


Sign at Lake Ripple Dam Entrance
The story of the Old Millstone (pictured here)
At entrance to Lake Ripple Dam area - Brigham Hill Rd.

viewfromrt122_small.jpg (1804 bytes)
The Dredging of Lake Ripple - 1999
Contains many photographs - some panoramic views

lakeripplebirdseye.jpg (39648 bytes)
"Birds Eye" view of Lake Ripple
Courtesy of Mark Liasson