Old Houses of Grafton, Massachusetts  
Last Updated: 2-28-05

Grafton Old Houses
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Ferncroff House-Farnumsville/South Grafton-1910 

Terra Cotta Tile House

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Old Salt Box House on North Street or Odlaw House  ( Odlaw is Waldo spelled backwards for Waldo Sessions) 
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Also 6 more out takes from story 

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Willard House Photo ( Where the clock museum is now)

Old Long House of Sarah Cisco

Carroll House on Carroll Rd.
Solomon Carroll home. See home location on Grafton 1831 map
 on this site.
This house is from 1700s or 1800s? 
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Solomon Rand House of North Grafton
Built in 1774 ( old part of house) by Jonathan Whitney
We could use a nice color photograph here of todays view of house!!!
House is located at 37 Nelson Street in North Grafton
Pages from Home Design Magazine of Sept. 28,1980
Pages 1,2 & 3
Pages 4 &5 ( page5 "children , but the crowd of" words are cut off on scan!
Pages 6 & 7
Pages 8

House at 52 Brigham Hill Rd (built by Ezekhial 
Brigham) in ??? This is a  recent photo. 
Chris Breecher

Hassanimisco Rest--Location not known yet?
This spot reserved for Wyman Gordon plant mgr house & later house of  Taylor's

Home of Mortimer Family on Kieth Hill
Fruit Farm

This is a picture of the farm house that was on Keith Hill.  It burned, and I know that now nothing remains of it (except a few barnstones perhaps) as there are newer houses built up there. What yr burned? What is there now? See page to right also!


Ariel View of Mortimer Family Home

Grandaughter of Mortimer family says her  mother was born in Grafton in 1913.  Her parents, Edmund and Mignonette Mortimer had a huge fruit farm on Keith Hill.  They lived there for a number of years, and my mother went to grade school in Grafton. Possibly GHS1930? From there the family moved to Mystic, Conn.  My aunt and uncle, Mignonette Mortimer Bourcier and Charles Dolar Bourcier, lived in Grafton most of their married life on Old Upton Road, next to what we called the Taylor Farm.  Dolar was in the WW I and also WW II.

Left is Mortimer home abt 1920  & Right is Bourcier house at 39 Upton Rd ( Sears kit home)

Waskanut Inn in Farnumsville MA --What was this??