Marlborough Settlers

DILIGENT, of Ipswich, John Martin, Master. She sailed from Ipswich, Suffolk, in June and arrived August 10 at Boston, with about one hundred passengers, principally from Hingham, Norfolk, destined for Hingham, Massachusetts. 4

Rev. ROBERT PECK                                   of Hingham, county Norfolk                     Norfolk
 Mrs . . . . . . . Peck
 Anne Peck
 Joseph Peck

JOSEPH PECK                                                of Hingham, county Norfolk                    Hingham
 Mrs . . . . . . . Peck

EDWARD GILMAN                                   of Hingham, county  Norfolk                    Hingham
 Mrs. Mary Gilman
 Edward Gilman
 Moses Gilman
Lydia Gilman
Sarah Gilman
John Gilman

JOHN FOLSOM                                            of Hingham, county  Norfolk                   Hingham
 Mrs. Mary Folsom
 John Folsom

Mrs. CHRISTIAN CHAMBERLAIN     of Hingham, county  Norfolk                    Hingham

HENRY CHAMBERLAIN                        of Hingham, county  Norfolk                    Hingham
 Mrs .  Chamberlain
 ...... Chamberlain
 ...... Chamberlain

STEPHEN GATES                                   of Norwich, Norfolk                                      Hingham
 Mrs. Anne Gates
 Elizabeth Gates
 Mary Gates

GEORGE KNIGHTS                               of Barrow, Norfolk                                      Hingham
 Mrs .  Knights
 ...... Knights

THOMAS COOPER                               of Hingham, county  Norfolk                    Hingham
 Mrs. Cooper
 ...... Cooper
 ...... Cooper
FRANCIS JAMES                                   of Hingham, county  Norfolk                    Hingham
 Mrs. Elizabeth James

MATTHEW HAWKE                           of Cambridge, England                              Hingham
 Mrs. Margaret Hawke

MATTHEW CUSHING                       of Hingham, county Norfolk                    Hingham
Mrs. Nazareth Cushing
Daniel Cushing
Jeremiah Cushing
Matthew Cushing
John Cushing
Deborah Cushing

JOHN TUFTS                                        of Hingham, county  Norfolk                    Hingham

ROBERT SKOULDING                   of Norwich, county  Norfolk                        Hingham
 Elizabeth Sayer
 Mary Sayer

JOHN FEARING                            of Cambridge, England                                   Hingham

PHILIP JAMES                                of Hingham, county  Norfolk                      Hingham
 Mrs. Jane James
 ...... James
 ...... James
 ...... James
 ...... James

STEPHEN PAINE                           of Great Ellingham,  Norfolk                        Hingham
 Mrs. Rose Paine
 ...... Paine
 ...... Paine
 ...... Paine
. . . . .     Paine

JOHN SUTTON                            of Attleborough, Norfolk                                   Hingham
 Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton
 Hannah Sutton
 John Sutton, Jr.
 Nathaniel Sutton
 Elizabeth Sutton

STEPHEN LINCOLN                   of Wymondham, Norfolk                                  Hingham
 Mrs .  . Lincoln
Stephen Lincoln, Jr.

SAMUEL PACKER                       of Wymondham, Norfolk                                  Hingham
 Mrs. Elizabeth Packer
 ...... Packer

HENRY SMITH                            of Hempnall, Norfolk                                          Hingham
 Mrs. Judith Smith
 John Smith
 Henry Smith
 Daniel Smith
 Judith Smith
 Elizabeth Smith

BOZOUN ALLEN                       of King's Lynn, Norfolk                                      Hingham
 Mrs. Anne Allen

WILLIAM RIPLEY                     of Wymondham, Norfolk                                  Hingham
 Mrs .  Ripley
 Mary Ripley
 John Ripley
Abraham Ripley
Sarah Ripley

THOMAS SUCKLIN               of Hingham, Norfolk                                          Hingham

RICHARD BAXTER               of Hingham, Norfolk                                            Hingham

WILLIAM PITTS                      of Hingham, Norfolk                                          Hingham

EDWARD MITCHELL           of Hingham, Norfolk                                          Hingham

JAMES BUCK                            of Hingham, Norfolk                                          Hingham

JOHN MORFIELD                   of Hingham, Norfolk                                          Hingham

THOMAS LINCOLN              of Hingham, Norfolk                                          Hingham

JEREMIAH MOORE                of Wymondham, Norfolk                                  Hingham
 And about 2o servants

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