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Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS*2 RICE (EDMUND*1) was born 1626 in England, and died November 16, 1681 in Marlboro, Mass.1. He married MARY* KING 1651 in Sudbury, Mass., daughter of THOMAS KING and ANNE COLLINS. She was born February 22, 1629/30 in Shaston Dorset England, and died May 22, 1714 in Sudbury, Mass..

Notes for THOMAS* RICE:

See the book, "On the Beaten Path" by Kristina Nilson Allen. about Westboro, Ma see also - The History of Marleboro ; The History of Westboro - The Hundredth Town

See - Commerative booklet Westborough 250th anniversary, 1967 see also a fictionalized biography of the first three generations of the Rice family by "Cousin" Corrine Snow. She and her husband were officers in the Edmund Rice (1638) Association, Inc. The book is titled simply - The Deacons - and pays particular attention to the families of the first two Thomases. We descend from the first Thomas` : daughters Mary ( to Shirley Humphreys) and Frances and son Elisha, (both to Gerald J. Rice) she from the 2nd Thomas.

Children of THOMAS* RICE and MARY* KING are:

i. GRACE3 RICE, d. January 03, 1653/54, Sudbury, Mass..

2. ii. THOMAS RICE, b. June 30, 1654; d. Abt. 1724.

3. iii. MARY** RICE, b. September 04, 1656, prob Sudbury, Mass (DESCENDS TO SHIRLEY HUMPHREYS RICE); d. Abt. 1736.

4. iv. PETER RICE, b. October 24, 1658, Sudbury, Mass.; d. November 28, 1753, Marlboro, Mass..

v. NATHANIEL RICE, b. January 03, 1659/60.

vi. SARAH RICE, b. January 15, 1661/62.

5. vii. EPHRAIM RICE, b. April 15, 1665; d. 1732, Ma.

6. viii. GERSHOM RICE, b. May 09, 1667, Marlboro, Mass; d. September 24, 1781, Worcester, Mass.

ix. JAMES RICE, b. March 06, 1668/69.

7. x. FRANCIS** RICE, b. February 03, 1669/70, Marlboro, Mass.; d. Abt. 1767, Lincoln, Middlesex Co., Mass..

xi. JONAS RICE, b. March 06, 1672/73; m. MARY STONE2.

xii. GRACE 2ND RICE, b. January 15, 1674/75.

8. xiii. ELISHA* RICE, b. December 11, 1679, Marlboro, Mass.; d. Bef. October 19, 1761, Sudbury, Mass..

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS3 RICE (THOMAS*2, EDMUND*1) was born June 30, 1654, and died Abt. 1724. He married (1) MARY. She died May 13, 1677 in Watertown, Mass.. He married (2) ANNA RICE November 10, 1681 in Marlboro(Westboro), Mass., daughter of EDWARD RICE and AGNES BENT. She was born November 19, 1661 in Sudbury, Mass., and died May 02, 1731 in Westboro, Mass..

Children of THOMAS RICE and ANNA RICE are:



iii. THOMAS RICE, b. 1683, Marl./Westboro.

iv. CHARLES RICE, b. July 07, 1684, Marl/Westboro; m. RACHEL WHEELER, April 26, 1711, Marlboro, MASS..

v. EUNICE RICE, b. May 03, 1686, Marl./Westboro.

vi. JASON RICE, b. February 23, 1687/88, Marl./Westboro.

vii. JEDEDIAH RICE, b. June 10, 1690, Marl./Westboro.

viii. ABIEL RICE, b. December 11, 1692, Marl./Westboro; d. December 27, 1692, Marl./Westboro.

ix. ANNA RICE, b. December 11, 1692, Marl./Westboro; d. December 25, 1692, Marl./Westboro.

x. ASHUR RICE, b. July 06, 1694, Marl./Westboro Captured by Indians later ransomed by father.

Notes for ASHUR RICE:

Ashur and his brother Adonijah were captured by Indians at Marlboro (now Westboro) with their cousins,Silas and Timothy. After about four years Ashur was redeemed by his father and returned to Westboro, where he was added to the Church 5/1/1726. He had a lifelong fear of the Indians returning to capture him and took elaborate measures to defend against that possibility, to the point of being thought a little "tetched" by the townsfolk.

Rice Family - Ward - 1858

" He returned in about four years redeemed by his father through the kind mediation of the Rev. Mr Lydius of Albany.

In 1735 when Ontasaga, the Caughnawaga chief who had conferred with Governor Belcher at Deerfield, passed through Westborough Ashur recognized him as one of his captors. Ashur`s wife`s name was Tabitha. Their home was in Spencer and they had ten children.

Mrs Forbes ( Harriette M. Forbes in "Two Indian Chiefs") says his mind was affected by his capture and that he never recovered from his dread of Indians; building fortifications for protection long after they had ceased their raids."

From: New England Captives Carried to Canada by Emma Lewis Coleman, 1925

xi. ADONIJAH "ASAUNDUGOOTON" RICE, b. August 11, 1696, Marlboro/Westboro, captured by Indians - stayed in Canada; d. Canada; m. (1) "FRENCH WOMEN"; m. (2) "DUTCH WOMEN".


Taken by the Caughnawaga Indians Aug.8 1704,carried to Canada and never returned.( See note for Silas Rice son of Edmund Rice and Ruth Parker. (1)

Edmund,(2) Samuel, (3) Edmund ) His Indian name was ASAUNDUGOOTON. Parkman says he married a French women and then later a Dutch women. He had a farm near Montreal on the north side of the St Laurent river.

(from a paper by Prof. Roger Lawrence of the Canadian-American Genealogical Soc., Manchester, N. H.)

" He must have been ransomed from the Indians because Parkman wrote he " married first a french, after a dutch woman, and settled in Husbandry (evidently an occupation, not a location) on some good Land, a little way off from Montreal, on the North side of the great River; has hed (sic) a good Farm there for many years (as we have been certifyd)."

From: New England Captives Carried to Canada by Emma Lewis Coleman - between 1677 and 1760 during the French and Indian Wars - reprint of 1925

The Southworth Press, Portland, Maine

xii. PEREZ RICE, b. July 23, 1698, Marl./Westboro.

xiii. VASHTI RICE, b. March 07, 1699/00, Marl./Westboro.

xiv. BERIAH RICE, b. August 20, 1702, Marlborough (spot now Westborough), Mass; d. Prob Cape Breton Island.

Notes for BERIAH RICE:

(1760: Annopolis Valley, Nova Scotia) was an English Planter per Harold Raymond Rice 12th from Edmund see p. 16, Vol 71, no 1&2 Winter/Spring 1997 Edmund Rice (1638) Association Newsletter

3. MARY**3 RICE (THOMAS*2, EDMUND*1) was born September 04, 1656 in prob Sudbury, Mass (DESCENDS TO SHIRLEY HUMPHREYS RICE), and died Abt. 17363. She married JOSIAH WHITE, SR November 28, 1678 in Marlboro , Mass3, son of JOHN WHITE and JOANE WEST. He was born June 04, 1643 in Wenham, Essex, Mass, and died November 11, 1714 in Salem, Mass.

Notes for MARY** RICE:

Births from "the Annals of Lancaster - Internet

White to Josiah and Mary (Lewis) ?????!!!! check it out - GJR

Sarah, Oct 21, 1680**

Josiah, Sept 15, 1682**

John, Sept 29, 1684**

Thankful, Mar. 27, 1688***

1932. Josiah White, born Bef. June 04, 1643 in Salem, Essex, MA. He was the son of 3864. John White and 3865. Joane. He married 1933. Mary Rice November 28, 1678.

1933. Mary Rice, born September 04, 1656 in Sudbury Middlesex, MA; died August 22, 1733 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA. She was the daughter of 3866. Thomas Rice and 3867. Mary King.

Children of Josiah White and Mary Rice are:

966 i. John White, born September 20, 1684 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; died Bef. December 28, 1728; married Eunice Wilder Abt. 1710 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA.

ii. Sarah White, born October 21, 1680 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; married John Wilder 1699; born November 05, 1673 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; died 1718 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.

iii. Josiah White, born September 16, 1682 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; died May 05, 1772; married Abigail Whitcomb June 26, 1706 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; born March 13, 1687/88 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; died September 24, 1771 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA.

iv. Thankful White, born March 27, 1689 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; married Jonathan Houghton November 06, 1712 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; born February 20, 1685/86 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; died April 08, 1737.

v. Judith White, born 1694 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; died March 24, 1774; married Bezaleel Sawyer March 04, 1713/14; born May 03, 1685 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA; died August 25, 1760 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA.

Most of the Whitcomb family information came from in the book "Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts Vol II".

Notes for JOSIAH WHITE, SR: dates and location of birth and death from internet:

Darrah & Parker Family Home Page  Diana Darrah Parker 8022 Yorkshire Cir. La Palma, CA 90623

Child of MARY** RICE and JOSIAH WHITE is:

i. JOSIAH4 WHITE, JR., b. September 16, 1682, Lancaster, Mass; d. May 05, 1772, Lancaster, Mass; m. ABIGAIL WHITCOMB, June 26, 1706, Lancaster, Mass; b. March 13, 1687/88, Lancaster, Mass; d. September 24, 1771, Lancaster, Mass.

4. PETER3 RICE (THOMAS*2, EDMUND*1) was born October 24, 1658 in Sudbury, Mass., and died November 28, 1753 in Marlboro, Mass.. He married REBECCA HOW in Marlboro, daughter of ABRAHAM HOW and HANNAH WARD. She died May 10, 1749 in Marlboro, Mass..

Notes for PETER RICE:

He was Capt. of the Trainband and part of committee in 1711 who designated the Garrison houses in Marlboro

Children of PETER RICE and REBECCA HOW are:

i. ELISHA4 RICE, b. December 02, 1690.

ii. ZIPPORAH RICE, b. December 17, 1691.

iii. ZEPHANIAH RICE, b. December 17, 1691.

iv. CYPRIAN RICE, b. 1693.

v. PELATIAH RICE, b. July 25, 1694.

vi. ELNATHAN RICE, b. January 28, 1697/98; d. October 28, 1716, Marlboro, Mass..

vii. PETER RICE, b. September 24, 1700.

viii. ABIGAIL RICE, b. August 05, 1702.

ix. DEBORAH RICE, b. May 22, 1704.

x. ABRAHAM RICE, b. June 29, 1709.

5. EPHRAIM3 RICE (THOMAS*2, EDMUND*1) was born April 15, 1665, and died 1732 in Ma. He married HANNAH LIVERMORE February 21, 1687/88 in Sudbury, Mass4.


May be the ancestor of Clara Barton - More About Those Rices (pg) 84 by Elsie Hawes Smith, copyright - 1954 - The Meador Press, Boston. Available through The Edmund Rice (1638) Assoc

Other information of descendancy to Americus Vespuccius Rice from Vol 5 # 1673  of World Family Tree CDRom


i. GERSHAM4 RICE, b. May 27, 1728, Sudbury, Mass; m. ELIZA BATTLE.

6. GERSHOM3 RICE (THOMAS*2, EDMUND*1) was born May 09, 1667 in Marlboro, Mass, and died September 24, 1781 in Worcester, Mass. He married ELIZABETH BASCOM, daughter of HENRY BASCOM and ELIZABETH HAYNES. She died August 16, 1770 in Worcester, Mass.


i. GERSHOM4 RICE, LIEUT., b. Abt. 1696; d. September 24, 1781, Worcester, Mass; m. ESTHER HAYNES; b. of Sudbury, Mass; d. August 16, 1770, Worcester, Mass.

7. FRANCIS**3 RICE (THOMAS*2, EDMUND*1) was born February 03, 1669/70 in Marlboro, Mass., and died Abt. 1767 in Lincoln, Middlesex Co., Mass.. She married BENJAMIN* ALLEN, (TO RICE) 1690, son of JOHN ALLEN and SARAH UNKNOWN. He was born January 30, 1661/62 in Newberry, Essex Co., Mass., and died August 12, 1721 in Weston, Mass..

Notes for FRANCIS** RICE:

Charles Elmer Rice in his book c1900 says she lived to her 96th year.


from book: Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass Author: Allen H. Bent

8. BENJAMIN3 ALLEN (John,2 Walter1) was born in Newbury, Mass.,

Jan. 30, 1662, but was taken to Sudbury, Mass., the same year.  He was a farmer, and lived at Watertown Farms (incorporated in
1712 as Weston), where he died Aug. 12, 1721, '. 59. His tombstone  is in the old burial ground at Weston Centre. He married

Frances Rice (born Feb. 3, 1671), daughter of Thomas Rice, of  Sudbury. The Boston Gazette says Benjamin's widow lived to be  96; if so, she died about 1767.

Children of Benjamin and Frances:

15. i. THOMAS, b. 1690.

ii. FRANCES, m. Dec. 24, 1724, John Gregory, of Weston.

iii. GRACE, b. 1696; m. Benjamin Harrington, and d. Jan. 6, 1730,  in her 35th year.

16. iv. JONAS, b. Nov. 1, 1699.

17. v. ZEBADIAH, b. Jan. 19, 1702.

18. vi. BENJAMIN, b. Dec. 13, 1709.


i. ZEBEDIAH4 ALLEN, b. January 19, 1701/02, Watertown Farms, Mass; d. June 02, 1777, Sudbury, Mass.; m. MARY HOAR, January 21, 1724/25, Sudbury, Mass; b. 1702, Sudbury, Mass; d. June 07, 1777, Sudbury, Mass5.


Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass Author: Allen H. Bent from Descendants of Walter Allen

17. ZEBADIAH4 ALLEN (Benjamin,3 John,2 Walter1), farmer, was born Jan.

19, 1702, in Watertown Farms (now Weston), Mass., but lived in

Sudbury, where he died of small-pox, June 2, 1777, '. 75. His will is dated July 7, 1767, ten years before his death. He married,

Jan. 21, 1726, Mary, daughter (probably) of John Hoar (1678-1765?)  of Sudbury, who was a son of Daniel Hoar of Concord, the ancestor of Hon. George F. Hoar of U. S. Senate. She also died of small-pox five days after her husband, at the same age. They lived, probably, in the east part of Sudbury, in the part now Wayland.

Children of Zebadiah and Mary, all born in Sudbury:

i. MARY, b. Oct. 24, 1725; m. Dec. 1, 1746, Daniel Farrar, Jr.

29. ii. NEHEMIAH, b. April 10, 1727.

30. iii. JONATHAN, b, March 3, 1730.

iv. SUSANNA, b. Jan. 22, 1732; m. Dec. 7, 1749, Zebulon Rice.

31. v. ZEBADIAH, b. March 12, 1734; m. Oct. 1, 1761, Hannah Grout of Sudbury.

vi. DOROTHY, b. March 4, 1737: m. (???) Gleason.

vii. JOHN, b. July 1, 1740; m. Nov. 17, 1761, Eunice Gleason, and had three children in Sudbury: Susanna, b. May 8, 1762; John,
b. July 27, 1763; Eunice b. Nov. 21, 1765.

32. viii. JOSIAH, b. May 25, 1742.

8. ELISHA*3 RICE (THOMAS*2, EDMUND*1) was born December 11, 1679 in Marlboro, Mass.6, and died Bef. October 19, 1761 in Sudbury, Mass.. He married ELIZABETH* WHEELER February 10, 1707/08 in Concord, Mass.6, daughter of OBADIAH* WHEELER and ELIZABETH* WHITE. She was born February 07, 1684/85 in Concord, Mass..

Notes for ELISHA* RICE:

"Was two years old when his father died. His mother Mary raised him and the younger children alone in Sudbury. He took care of his mother when she was old and he did not marry until he was 27 or 28. Was a proprietor of Worcester, and while not being one of the earliest settlers, was living there in 1719, where he had 30 acres granted to him in 1718. The birth of his 5th child is recorded at Worcester, whence he returned to Sudbury, before 1722, where are recorded the births of his other children."

from: Rice Family by Ward. 1858

" On 19 Oct. 1761 Eliakim Rice was appointed administrator of the estate of Capt. Elisha Rice late of Sudbury." "All of Elisha`s children were involved in a deed of 22 Jan 1762- when Eliakim Rice and Elisha Rice, Both of Sudbury, Elijah Rice of Westboro, Zebulon of Lancaster, and Jonas Livermore and his wife Elizabeth (Rice) of Leicester sold a farm to Silas Rice of Westboro."

from Vol I MAYFLOWER FAMILIES- pub. by General Soc. of Mayflower Desc. 1975

Elizabeth Wheeler is a descendant of Resolved White - Mayflower

Worcester, Mass Third Settlement 1713-  Settler Town of Origin Land Granted (acres)

Aaron Adams Sudbury 30 Isaac Leonard Bridgewater 40

Rev. Benjamin Allen Concord 40 Jacob Leonard Bridgewater 40

Benjamin Barron Concord 30 Moses Leonard Bridgewater 30

John Baron Concord 30 Daniel Livermore Malden 40

Thomas Binney 40 Stephen Minot Boston 20

Ichabod Brown Newton 30 Nathaniel Moore Sudbury 40

Thomas Brown Newton 30 William Paine Boston 20

James Butler 40 Thomas Palmer* (with John Oulton of Marblehead) Boston 213

Ephraim Curtis' son 50

George Danson Boston 20 George Parmenter Sudbury 60

John Eliot (and John Smith) 180 Ephraim Rice Sudbury 30

Benjamin Fletcher 30 Ephraim Rice, Jr. Sudbury 30

Thomas Gleason Sudbury 30 Elisha Rice Sudbury 30

Peter Goulding Boston 50 Gershom Rice Marlborough 80

Thomas Haggett Andover 20 James Rice Marlborough 100

David Haynes Sudbury 30 Jonas Rice Marlborough 80

Daniel Henchman Boston 150 Joshua Rice Marlborough 30

Daniel Heywood Concord 40 Josiah Rice Sudbury 30

Leonard Hoar Concord 40 John Smith (with John Eliot) Boston 180

James Holmes Woodstock 40 James Taylor Malden 30

Nathaniel Jones Boston 40 Jonathan Tyng Boston 40

Henry Lee Concord 30 Cornelius Waldo* 213

Obadiah Ward Sudbury 30

Richard Ward Sudbury 30

Isaac Wheeler Medfield 40


Elizabeth desended from William White of Mayflower per Supplement to THE

RICE FAMILY by Andrew H.Ward 1858

See also Mayflower Families through five generations Vol I pub. Mayflower Soc. 1975


i. ELIAKIM4 RICE, b. February 27, 1708/09, Sudbury, Mass.; d. 1761, Sudbury, Mass.; m. MEHITABEL LIVERMORE, May 14, 1730.

ii. ELISHA RICE, b. May 27, 1711, Sudbury, Mass.7; d. Living Sudbury 1769 when he acknowledged a deed8.

Notes for ELISHA RICE:

Ward says "died young" Ward also has another Elisha #269 b 3 Nov 1713 But Supplement says this is Elizabeth #269 See Note for Elisha (Father) re Deed dated 1762 Who was the Elisha from Sudbury ??

iii. ELIZABETH RICE, b. November 03, 1713; m. JONAS LIVERMORE.

iv. JULIA RICE, b. March 20, 1715/16, Sudbury, Mass..

Notes for JULIA RICE:

Ward says "insane" - MayflowerSoc - "non compos mentis"

v. SILAS RICE, b. April 28, 1719, Worcester, Mass.9; d. March 04, 1800, Northboro, Mass; m. (1) COPIA BROUGHTON, March 10, 1743/44, Lancaster, Ma9; m. (2) LOIS POLLARD, September 20, 1770, Bolton, Mass.; m. (3) MEHITABEL GOODNOW, December 04, 1784.

vi. ELIJAH RICE, b. March 05, 1721/22, Sudbury, Mass.; d. March 1818, Holden Mass.; m. HULDA KEYES, Abt. 1748; b. 1727; d. 1799, Holden, Mass..

Notes for ELIJAH RICE:

Resided some years in that part of Shrewsbury that became Boylston, removed to Holden where his wife died 1799. History of Shrewsbury erroneously has him son of Charles Rice. He lived with son Elijah for some time after death of wife, died Holden age  97

vii. ZEBULON* RICE, b. June 05, 1725, Sudbury, Mass.9; d. December 26, 1799, Boylston {Lancaaster}, Mass.; m. *SUSANNA ALLEN, December 07, 1749, Sudbury, Mass.10; b. January 22, 1731/32, Sudbury, Mass.; d. December 17, 1823, Ashburnham, Mass..

Notes for ZEBULON* RICE:

Six of his children left to settle in Vermont, most of these again moving west to northern New York. At least three of his sons fought in the Rev. War ( Jonas, Eliakim and Reuben ). Eliakim, Elisha and David were all at one time in Hartland, Vt. had some of their children born there. David is said to be buried there, first having lived for a time in Lowville, N. Y. (near Watertown). Eliakim is buried in the Jenneville section of Hartland. Some of his descendants still (1995) live in the Hartland Area.

Six or seven went "over the hills to Ashburnham" (including Reuben). Zebulon died in Boylston, his widow, Susanna, died 24 years later at age 92 in Ashburnham.


Rice Family-Ward

More About Those Rices-Smith

G.J.Rice- observations

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