Phelps Family

Phelps Family

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Harlan Phelps

My grandfather,  Harlan Phelps , probably about 1898

(b. Nov. 23, 1838 d. Apr. 26, 1905)

Harlan and his brother Francis owned the Inn at Grafton where he and my grandmother lived after their marriage. When Harlan died in 1905 his young widow and two daughters and Francis' widow were forced to sell the Inn. Sometime in the 1960's Anna and her daughters returned (as a donation) a mirror that had hung in the Inn those many years ago and it hangs there today. The brass plate under the mirror reads:

This mirror was a gift to
The Old Tavern at Grafton
from Mrs. May Phelps Kennedy
daughter of Harlan Phelps,
former owner of the tavern,
when it was known as
the "Phelps Hotel"

The Inn is celebrating 200 years of continuous operation in 2001. This page at their web site tells about the activities.

Our immigrant ancestor was Henry Phelps who sailed to Massachusetts on the Hercules from England in 1634. Earlier I had a link to the passenger list for this ship but it is no longer available. I will try to find another source.

I have included here a link to David Phelp's  Webpage, an extensive report of the 15th, 16th and 17th century Phelpses. So far, there has been no proven connection of my ancestor, Henry, to this family but there are indications that this may be the case.

Another web site of interest is that of Brian T. Phelps who shows many of the things I found when I first started searching my Phelps line. Brian has established a link from his page to mine to facilitate our receiving changes or additions . One interesting section of his site is the Phelps Family Crest or Coats of Arms showing the various coats of arms and the history behind them.

An offshoot of my line from John Phelps and Elizabeth Putnam can be seen at the Larkin Dodge Roberts World Connect page.

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