GLC of Grocers Association 1937-8 + Affiliated Associations
The Greater London Council of Grocers' Associations.
(Inaugurated 1926)

1937 - 1938

The Presidend's Message


Affiliated Associations



President: H. Thomson. F. G. I.
President Elect: F. J. Lancaster, Esq.
Hon. Solicitor: R. A. Beck (Nerve, Beck & Crane).
Auditors: Francis, French & Co.
Secretary: J. Savage, F. G. I.
17, York Road, Ilford, Essex. (Telephone Ilford 1645)
Treasurer: W. A. Alexander, F. G. I.

Past Presidents:
F. W. Essex, F. G. I. (decd)
Ald. A. E. Cobbin, F. G. I.
A. C. Gapp, F. G. I.
F. J. S. Dymock, F. G. I.
J. F. Gosling, F. G. I.
W. Barrett, F. G. I.
Cllr. T. Harper, F. G. I.
A. R. Nutting, F. G. I.
J. Savage, F. G. I.

Executive Committee:
E. Aspin, F. G. I.
L. P. Blackburne, F. G. I.
I. E. Gillespie, F. G. I.
T. Rutson
J. L. Llewellyn, F. G. I.
S. H. Loose, F. G. I.

Sports Committee:
Chairman: E. E. Clarke
Hon. Secretary: A. C. Newman

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Affiliated Associations, 1937 - 1938

AssociationSecretaryAddressPresidentDelegates to the Council
Balham & TootingJ. L. Llewellyn52, East Hill, Wandsworth, London. SW18C. A. F. GoldingW. Baines
S. Harvey
Barnes & DistrictS. L. Honney55, Church Street, Barnes, London. SW13F. R. CannG. Coles
E. Honney
P. Larcombe
Croydon & DistrictG. W. Hopper74, Woodside Green, Croyden, London SE25E. PattendenR. Aspin
W. J. Mould
W. C. Tonge
Dartford & DistrictA. W. Read3, The Brent, Dartford, KentE. MillsA. W. Read
Ealing & DistrictA. Luck109, Greenford Avenue, Hanwell, London. W7H. BakerC. H. Boundy
W. F. Marsh
Finchley & BarnetE. T. Smith139, Long Lane, Finchley, London. N3A. SeymourA. Seymour
W. H. Gammon
Fulham & FistrictA. E. Cook181, Fulham Place Road, Hammersmith, London. W6J. CharityS. J. Lawrence
Clr. T. Harper
Hackney & DistrictC. H. Collins1, Valentine Road, Hackney, London. E9F. H. AgerH. Lee
A. Smith
H. Thomson
Harrow & DistrictJ. J. Baskett9, Langham Gardens, North Wembley, Middlesex.J. WenmanJ. Wenman
?. Watson
Hendon & EdgwareH. C. Mallyon61. The Burroughs, Hendon, London. NW4R. S. FooteitS. W. Mitchell
A. H. Russell
Herne Hill & NorwoodH. Jenkins96, Norwood High Street, Norwood, London. SE27R. W. ThompsonF. Roberts
Hertford & WareA. F. Neave73, High Street, Stanstead Abbots, Ware, HertfordshireW. M. WilliamsC. Small
? Ashford
Horley & DistrictE. J. FlintCrondale, Ladbroke Road, Horley-A. O. Morris
Hounslow & DistrictT. Knight19, St. John's Road, IsleworthE. L. BearrymanJ. Brown
Ilford & DistrictJ. Savage17, York Road, Ilford, EssexT. RutsonT. Rutson
A. V. George
Islington & DistrictW. H. Baines128, St. James Road, Holloway, London. N7W. H. PriddisW. D. Fabb
Kennington & DistrictG. A. Gunn1c, New Street, Kennington Park Road, London. SE17C. J. FordhamH. G. W. Reed
E. J. Pentecost
Kingston & DistrictL. P. Blackburne63, Ditton Hill Road, Surbiton, Surrey.C. L. BennettC. L. Bennett
A. Dedman
V. Burrows
Lewisham & DistrictJ. B. Popham"Red Walls," Sandridge, Nr. Sevenoaks, KentJ. PrinceE. Jones
H. Kent
St. Pancras & DistrictL. E. Higgs1, Elaine Grove, London. NW5H. SaundersonA. Gardener
D. Whelan
Staines & DistrictMiss. J. Fermor2, St. Judes Road, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey.F. FermorA. H. Vine
A. Weller
Stoke Newington & DistrictW. J. Badkin85, Egerton Road, Stamford Hill, London. N16F. WoodL. Alexander
W. Pilkington
Sydenham & DistrictS. H. Loose116, Hall Road, Peckham, London. SE15H. E. CookeH. J. Boxall
H. H. Saunders
Tottenham & DistrictD. Watts16, Raith Avenue, Southgate, London. N14E. J. BurnsE. J. Burns
R. J. Holland
Walthamstow Leyton & DistrictC. Maxted6, Oak Hill Parade, South Woodford, EssexC. MaxtedE. E. Clarke
R. J. Bannister
Watford & DistrictE. Pratt100, Queens Avenue, Watford, HertfordshireG.ScawenP. T. Everitt
A. Bullard
West Ham & DistrictF. J. Price, Jun.420, Green Street, Upton Park, London. E13F. J. Price, Sen.H. E. Free
F. J. Price
W. Walkden
Willesden & DistrictF. G. Cooper24, Bristol Gardens, London. W9F. R. CliffordS. Latcham
S. Shergold
Wimbledon & DistrictR. L. Fanthorpe49, Hill Road, Wimbledon, London. SW19J. F. RiceT. C. Dyke
W. Ellis
G. C. Eyles
Wood Green & DistrictW. A. Alexander9, Queens Parade, Muswell Hill, London. N10J. GobleJ. Barnes
H. R. Billham
Woolwich & DistrictA. J. Proctor29, Inverne Road, Charlton, London. SE7P. HobbsP. Hobbs

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BACK, T. J. (Secretary, G.L.C.).
Past President and Secretary of the Sydenham Association.

CARTER, J. (Hackney Association).
A loyal member, whose place will be difficult to fill.

ELLIOT, C. (Wimbledon Association), and
ELLIS,  Mrs. (Wimbledon Association).
Staunch supporters of our cause.

Press correspondent of Wood Green Association, and a staunch supporter of Association movements.

PARRIS, P. (Croydon Association).
A faithful friend who is sadly missed.

WOOD, W. C. H. (Sydenham Association).
An enthusiastic worker for all charitabIe objects - hospitals and benevolence in particular.

READ, A. W. (Dartford Association).
A devoted servant.

for your services we remember you.

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As President of the Greater London Council, I have had the opportunity of visiting Associations in the four points of  London  North, South, West and East. I find them all working in unity, and in no case have I met any dissension from the one idea:  the growth of the Federation movement. This is remarkable when you consider the disadvantages which the private trader is up against.  it is allied to the English custom of sound constitution of united strength which our Federation represents.

The great question before us is the orgarirsation for more membership. This is always before us. Can I ask all local committees, before retiring from my year of office, to give every effort to increase our membership?

There are many subjects to study, and a lot to know about the business world of to-day. Let us consider what the manufacturers are giving us to sell. I would like to see a campaign of selling goods with a sound knowledge of the articles, and not just a name ; it can be done and should be done, in this so-called time of modern methods.

We must look to the Federation movement, through the Greater London Council, to improve the status of tradesmanship.

I would like to thank all the Associations for many kind actions shown to Mrs. Thomson and myself during my year in office. Also, I trust the President-Elect will have as happy a time in his year of oftice.

My thanks are also due to Mr. Savage, the Council's Secretary, arid his family, for kind support.

Yours truly,


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My Grandfather was Harold Thomson (1884-1977), who was President of the Greater London Council of Grocers' Association in 1937-8, and I have the year book for the association from which the above was transcribed. If you have a requirement for a photo-copy of the booklet please contact me - Hugh Lodge , - by email