Emily Hockley's Children

by  John Payne


Left to Right:  Kate (22),  Albert (4),  Edith (2),  Alfred (26),  Ellen (9)

Photo:  circa 1895

The photo shows most of the children of Emily Hockley.  Emily married John Payne, a Coachman.  It saddens me to explain he left Emily and his family around 1894 when my grandfather Alfred was 25, and the youngest child was 1 or 2.  Alfred, a cabinet maker, stayed to support and help Emily raise the family until he was 37 when he married and started his own family in 1906.  The photo was given to me by my Aunt Lily, but what occasion it celebrates is not known, perhaps to mark the end of Alfred’s apprenticeship.  Sadly Emily is not in the photo and none have been found of her to date.

Footnote:  When I was named John it was greeted simply with a long silence by Alfred, Alice and Emily.

John Payne


Family Group

Emily Hockley___________________Married: May 17, 1868_________________John Payne
          Born: 1848 Witley, Surrey                                 London                              Born: 1839 in Kirton, Suffolk     


Alfred Harry
Born: 1868 in Martlesham, Suffolk
Born: 1870 Kirton, Suffolk 
Born: 1873 in Ipswich, Suffolk
Born: 1881in Ipswich, Suffolk

Born: 1886 in Ipswich, Suffolk

 Born: 1891in Ipswich, Suffolk
 Born: circa 1893

Ancestors of Emily Hockley

Thomas Hockley + Sarah 
Witley, Surrey

John Hockley + Sarah 
Witley, Surrey

Charles Hockely + Eliza Court 
married 1844 in Thursley, Surrey

Emily Hockley + John Payne
married 1868 in London

John Payne
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Hockley Family History
Posted:  March 2000