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Quilt on a clothesline

I have been creating quilts since 1976 when I cut out my first quilt with scissors. The quilt was Clay's Choice in red, white and blue, since it was the Centennial year. I did not machine quilt it but rather tied it out. I still have that first quilt even though it is worn quite a bit.

I began making more quilts with my mother, Ruth Cain Griffith; I would sew them and she would machine quilt them. She was an elementary teacher with a Masters Degree in mathmetics. She loved the angles and mathmatics of quilts. I have to give her credit for sparking my desire of quilting. She died in 1987 and I received her Ken-Quilt long-arm quilting machine. One thing that I regretted was that she did not teach me to use the machine, not her fault; it was I that was intimidated by it. It took a lot of reading, practice and confidence to learn the in's and out's of using it - and I'm still learning! After using it for a number of years, I then traded it in for a Nolting long-arm. I now have a Nolting Pro-Series quilting machine and am still learning.

I upgraded my cutting utensils to a rotary cutter with mat after hand cutting with scissors that first quilt. A rotary cutter and mat are an absolute must for every quilter. I have not kept a count on how many quilts I have made since then, but I believe it is more than 100. My personal quilts are usually given for wedding gifts, new babies, and other occasions. I have made quilts by request but prefer to quilt them instead. I am always looking for a new quilting pattern or technique. I try to do my best whether I am quilting for myself or a customer.

Take a look at some of my quilts that I have sewn and/or quilted for customers.

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

This quilt is 41" x 51" in size, machine pieced and machine quilted. All the animals were foundation pieced and the finished blocks are 5" square. The ark block is 15" x 15". There are a total of 582 pieces in the 26 animal blocks and 39 pieces in the ark block. This was my first foundation-pieced quilt I made for my grandson, Caadin, in 2000.

Korbin's Quilt

"Do You See What I See?" Quilt

This quilt was "fussy cut" to show various characters or objects. I made this quilt for my grandson, Korbin in 2003. It was machine pieced and machine quilted.

Purple Log Cabin

Purple Log Cabin- This quilt I made for a friend who had a baby girl. I chose this purple color because she was a student at Kansas State University.

Aunt Ellen's quilt

Aunt Ellen's 100th Birthday Quilt - August 2008

Jan's blue quilt

Jan's quilt - This quilt was custom quilted; note the stitching detail.

Jan's quilt green

Jan's green quilt - quilted a fern design; note the stitching.

Woven table runner

This is a woven table runner with strips of tubes woven to make the tumbling block design; made in 2007.

Hannah's quilt

Hannah's quilt - I made this for my granddaughter and quilted it in hearts and loops; December 2007.

KU baby quilt

Rock Chalk Jayhawk - KU. I made this for a co-worker who is a KU fan for her new baby boy; 2008.

Almost Amish

Almost Amish - This was a block of the month quilt that I made and then custom quilted; 2007

Blues Clues

Blues Clues - This was a printed panel that I added borders and then quilted for a co-worker expecting a baby; 2008.

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