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These works are primarily
from Robert Hogg, B. 1818 Scotland, came to America
in 1835, and all his kin.


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Canadian and UK
census for 1881
and the
US census for 1880
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Edited by Andrew Noble
and Patrick Scott Hogg,
"The Canongate Burns"
is the most complete a
edition of Robert Burns's
work ever published.


A Good Name Gives Strength

I want to include information about all aspects of the Hogg name.  In  order to do this I need your help, suggestions, feedback, and information. 

New information is constantly coming in to me, both from my own research and from others who have generously contributed to this site. You might want to bookmark us and check back regularly as I am updating these pages on a regular basis.


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Did you know? -  Interesting discoveries I have made in my research.

What a Nid Hogg is?   check it out
That there were three Hoggs on the Titanic  check it out
That the very first bank overdraft given by the Royal Bank of Scotland was given to William Hogg.  check it out
That there is a Hogg crater on the Moon.
J.R.R. Tolkien mentions a family of Hobbits called Hogg in one of his Middle Earth books.

Did you know there were 250 Hoggs who fought for the Confederacy and 153 in the Union Army? (Thanks to Rickey Pittman His info is from

Meanings and Origins of the name Hogg

The name Hogg is very old.  Find out more on the Meaning and Origins page.

Well known Hogg expressions

Hoggwild -  those of us with the surname Hogg know what this means,   the rest of you don't have a clue

Don't be such a Hogg -  this expression is used when the speaker would prefer that the person spoken to would not behave so cleverly

Go the whole Hogg-  this is when one attempts to rise to the top,  this involves a certain intensity known only too well by the Hogg family.

Live high off the Hogg- This is an expression used when people come to visit the Hoggs.

Hoggwash- a daily ablution

How about======Independent as a HOGG on ice --======You are all sitting at the table ahwb a late-comer arrives say ' We;re waiting for you like one HOGG waits for another. (from Medhogg)

When Jim Hogg was governor of Texas they tried to get him to change his pronounciation fro hog to hoag --- A little ditty was started---HOGG BY NAME AND HOGG BY NATURE CHANGED TO HOAG BY LEGISLATURE (from Medhogg)

Stop Hogging the ____ - Have you never heard in conversation anything like "Stop hogging it!!" It means "stop keeping it to yourself!" For example "Stop hogging the bedcovers" means "Give me the sheets back NOW!" (from Rebecca Hogg, Leicester, UK)

This is the first place to look. The archives are sorted by geographic regions.   Each Archive has listings under Census, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Records and Deed, Cemeteries, Biographies, Miscellaneous and a list of people researching in that area.

If your name is Hoge, Hogue, Hoag or one of the many other variations of Hogg,  take a look at this page.  Remember that I list these names on the rest of the pages as well.

Hogg Families

Researchers have submitted information about the families that they are researching.

Hoggs who made history

short descriptions and some photos about Hoggs who have made their mark on history.


the photograph page

Hogg Immigrants 

listings from Passenger lists

Hogg Researchers

a list of people who are researching the name.   Again this list is sorted by the geographic area where their ancestors lived.  

Hogg Place Names

In my travels through the internet looking for people called Hogg, I keep running into places with Hogg in the name. So here is a page just about Hogg place names all over the world.

Hogg Mailing List


There are three methods of sending queries.   You can either email me if you want the query posted on these pages,  or send a query to either of the following message boards.

The Hogg Family Genealogical Society

  • Carol Jewell Knuppel,
    1020 W. Oak Dr.,
    Yukon, Ok. 73099-2423


  1. Submit your information to this site.
  2. Do lookups for other researchers
  3. I am trying to come up with information regarding Rev. Moses Drury Hoge, who is referred to in the paper on the Meanings and Origins page.
  4. Anyone have any information on Lucky Hogg, the witch referred to by James Hogg in one of his works?   11 Feb.01 - Yay, finally, Ian Bartlett saw this and did some research. After a year of hoping, we finally have a page dedicated to Lucky and the origins of Hogg according the James Hogg, the Poet.

Genealogy Links 

Links include Hogg links, general genealogy links, and Scottish genealogy links

Hogg Links

Gedcom Databases -  RootsWeb Introduces WorldConnect

The RootsWeb Cooperative has long been known as one of the best online communities for genealogists. especially for U.S.-based genealogists.

Their latest addition is a large (and growing) database of individual genealogical data known as WorldConnect. The WorldConnect database is built around the widely-used GEDCOM file standard that allows family historians to share their data with others, even if they have different computers or use different software.

The WorldConnect project allows genealogists anywhere in the world to upload their data to the service without fee, to modify that data whenever they need to, and to share it with other genealogists -- all without cost. Access to the WorldConnect database is available via the World Wide Web.

WorldConnect launched with data on approximately 5.5 million people, has already reached the six million mark, and is expected to grow rapidly. Genealogists wishing to add their names to this effort are invited to do so through the Web, or by sending the data to the WorldConnect project on floppy disc or Zip disc.

The Web address for the project is:

On April 24, 2001, typing Hogg into their search engine yields 5580 results.


NB - If you discover any links or email addresses not working, please contact me and tell me what page they are on. There are so many links on this site, it is hard to keep up with them all.

Thanks, Monica


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