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Willie Ethel Ferguson and Corbett Holland

Circa 1920

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Hello, and welcome to my family home page. My name is Daisi Holland Grossman.  I grew up in southern Ohio, but I was born at Dehart, Morgan County, KY,  at the home of  John Ed Cottle and Nola Carter Cottle. John Ed was the son of Jim Cottle and Dora Bays and the brother of my grandmother, Mary Catherine 'Kate" Cottle.

My Holland family is the biggest mystery to me. My father, Isaac Earl Holland and his brother, William Homer Holland, were raised by an aunt, Maudie Ferguson Kemplin. Their mother, Willie Ethel Ferguson, died in childbirth in 1926. Their father, who must have been devastated over this loss, disappeared. He was found many years later, remarried and living in Ohio. My father was born at  Grassy Creek, Morgan Co., KY.

As someone who shares my interest in family history, you know how addictive it can be, how frustrating when you hit a brick wall, and how excited you can get when you finally find a missing link or prove that someone really was born! I hope some of the material on these pages will be useful to you, and if you find an error, please let me know.

Please also note that though I have checked many sources such as census data, family books, and family members, there is absolutely no physical way I can check the information on each and every person. I do not vouch for the correctness of this information.  It is meant to be used as a clue to perhaps guide you in the right direction.

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