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Welcome to a Holway, Holloway, Hawley and & Holley genealogy site. There are over 1,100 names associted with this line of Holleys.

My knowlege of the Holley families is limited to five branches. Three of the branchs originated in Boston, Mass. while the remaining two appeared on Long Island and in North Carolina. The Massachusetts branches first traveled from Braintree to Sandwhich, Taunton and Cambridge. From here, the Cambridge branch removed to Connecticut. The Sandwhich branch removed to Rhode Island. I have not yet followed the Taunton branch.

My Holley family moved from Sandwhich to South Kingston, RI. In the late 1700 many families began to migrate West to Amenia, Nassau, Monticello, Half Moon and Venice, New York. These were the children and grandchildren of Nicholas Holway and his son Jonathan Holway/Holley of South Kingston. Once in New York the spelling of the name changed to Hawley and Holley.

This genealogy is neither perfect or even well documented. I have done a poor job of listing sources and references, but rest assure, each name has either a reliable source or multiple sources which I will share as I continue to refine and build the file. My goal is to get it up and available to as many individuals as possible. With everyone's help, it should continue to provide a valuable resource for years to come.

There is one puzzle ......... Nicholas Holway of South Kingston, RI. At this time there is NO record known on Nicholas' father. My selection is based upon the origins of the name Nicholas and which families were using the name. If anyone can shed any light on the subject, it would remove a significant barrier to many branches.


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